I have already addressed the fact that Keanu Reeves and Dean Cain Tanaka are not Eurasian men. Every single “successful” Eurasian man is a lie. And the fact that apologists have to lie so much, should in itself tell you something. However it has come to my attention, that I was in fact wrong in saying that Keanu was 1/4 Asian. In fact the East Asian portion of his blood, his Chinese side is only 1/8 or 12.5%. The Chinese taint in Keanu is a mere 12%. Behold your Eurasian Messiah. Your Neo.

The propagandists have followed the lessons of their master Goebbels and repeat the lie that Keanu is Eurasian over and over again. You would think that Keanu is the son of a white dad and asian mom. This is what is implied, when WMAF Nazi propagandists continuously show his picture as what their son will look like. In fact Keanu has a white American mom. WMAF Nazis have all failed high school biology class, they have no notion of genetics 101. If you repeat a lie, often enough it will be fact. For a long time I myself was taken in. I honestly believed that Keanu Reeves was Eurasian. He is not. He does not even look obviously Asian in anyway, and yet everyone and their dog seems to know hes Eurasian. This is the result of an active campaign of misinformation.

Why is the whole world aware of Keanu’s 12% Asianess? Even Nazi Germany only hunted down 1/4 Jews. This is more like the Old South, with the 1-drop rule. They used to have public auctions where they would have 1/8 Octaroon girls, who were phenotypically white, with light skin, green eyes and red hair, and sell them as sex slaves for Southern men. Oh how the WMAF propagandists have seized on the 12% Chinese within Keanu. It is a lie.

Lets not just leave it at the lie. Lets follow up the implications. There are a ton of WMAF couples in America. Starting from WW2 and the various Asian wars and bases, and exploding the 1970s and 1980s. Many of these Eurasian men are now well into adulthood. WMAF is the most common pairing in America, AMWF is the least common. Why oh why, you must ask does the most common need to steal from the least common? Why do millions need to baby snatch from hundreds? Why is it that everytime WMAF tries to name a successful Eurasian man, he has a white mom? It is not by accident. It is because the racial-sexual factors that go into WMAF, ensure that their Eurasian son will never amount to anything. Every single WMAF son in the history of the world is a failure.

Keanu Reeves is a lie. He has a white mother. His mother is not Asian, she is an Anglo-Saxon Englishwoman. Her maiden name is Bond, Patricia Bond. No mixed son of an Asian woman will ever accomplish anything. This is why they have to lie and falsify. He is not 1/2 Asian, he is not 1/4 Asian, he is 1/8 Asian. 12%.

They are lying, because the facts are not on their side. Oh there are some famous genuine WMAF sons in the news. Real sons of white dads and Asian moms. There have been very prominent stories in the last year. But those are sons that WMAF is not so quick to take credit for. Those are their real sons. All-American white dads and a Chinese, Japanese, Korean woman. Those are the Eurasian men, that WMAF propagandists run away from. The real Hapas.

This blog has been up since 2011. I have received a ton of comments, trying to name a successful Eurasian man. Not a single one of them has a white dad and East Asian mom. There is a reason for this.

I’m extremely angry about being a Eurasian male. There is no getting around that fact. I honestly and truly believe that there is nothing worse in life than being the son of a white dad and asian mom. That is the complete destruction of the soul. I blame everyone for this fact. White men and asian women for creating this situation. Asian men for building the culture which produced the most immoral race of women. Colored men, for joining in on the pile-up. And even white women, for the absolute disgust they hold Eurasian men in. I’m estranged from the entire human race.

How do I move on from this impasse?

My parents aren’t the best anti-racist action SJWs, Asian
Nationalists, that they could be. But they are not the caricature of WMAF Nazis, that so many of my fellow Eurasian men, appear to live under. I said back in 2011, that they were not the worst WMAFs in the world. And its important that they not be. If they were just uniquely bad and evil people. Then it would be easy to dismiss all my larger sociological claims, and say that I’m just tarnishing a whole category, just because of my personal problems with my parents. Its quite the opposite. Perhaps in a truly color-blind world, I could have had a normal and healthy relationship with my parents. But it is the ugliness of WMAF as a social fact, which has badly tarnished my relationship with my parents. WMAF has become so evil and disgusting to me, that I hold my parents personally responsible for every last racist crack that any WMAF in the world makes.

And maybe this is part of the problem. I have so defined myself as a Eurasian male, that its as though I see myself as the child of every single WMAF couple in the world. And so when they say ugly, mean, nasty, cruel things, its as though my own parents are attacking me. How do I separate individuals from sociological trends? How do I divorce myself from WMAF as a category? Should I care about everyone who wants to say crap about me?

Generally, I have had little bad to say about white women. But lets face it, ultimately they are the cause of my misery. Oh sure WMAF puts pressure on white women, not to date Asian men. But white men try to put plenty of pressure on white women, not to date Black men, but it doesn’t work. If anything, it adds to the sense of rebellion. But a white girl does not feel like a rebel dating an Asian man. As always its the worst of both worlds. On the one hand there is widespread social disapproval for AMWF. OTOH daddy’s reaction will probably be boring.

There are lots of endless internet debates on why AMWF is so low. Honestly, considering how much romantic relationships are driven by social pressure, and the nearly non-stop drumbeat about how Asian men are by far the worst race of males, the real question is not why AMWF is so low, but how it even happens at all? Considering the levels of mass propaganda for Asian emasculation, its a miracle that AMWF happens at all. The level of bombardment against Asian men, exceeds that of an Orwellian Totalitarian State that constantly floods it citizens with anti-Asian hate. A state propaganda machine could do no better job, in demonizing the position of the Asian man.

I make excuses for my parents. I say they are not anti-Asian, just ignorant. They don’t realize how bad things are for Asian men, but they are not actively against Asian men. But at this point it is a very negligent willful blindness. Their half-Asian son is repeatedly telling them to their faces, just how bad the situation is. And to ignore the pleas of their own son, and choose to believe that being an Asian man is no different than being a white man in America, crosses the line from innocent ignorance to willful self-deception.

There are few things I’m grateful for. But if anything this blog has been an education for me, in just how God awful the vast, vast, majority of WMAF couples are. And so if it was my accursed destiny to be born to a WMAF couple, I can at least say, that I could have done much, much, worse than my parents. The WMAF horror stories are much worse than my own. Most of my posts are about the sociological trend of WMAF. But so many stories have been shared by Eurasian men and women, of their WMAF parents being personally racist and abusive against their own flesh and blood children. Many Eurasian offspring have it much worse than me. For me, it is nasty comments on the internet. For them, it is the mouths of their own parents. And truly being a Eurasian man, growing up in a household like that, would be the definition of hell.

I’m trying to reason my way out of this box. But I just don’t see anyway out.

Should it bother me so much?

I have no place in the human world. Maybe I could find some hobby to distract me from humans, in whatever time, I have left on this stinking rock. But somehow I doubt it. I’ve been looking for a distraction since 2011, and haven’t found it. I just can’t walk out of who I’m.

Does every WMAF have to be about me personally? Sure they say crap about Asian, and by extension Eurasian men. But white men also hate on Black men. If anything they hate on BMWF with even more vehemence than AMWF. And yet that doesn’t stop BMWF from happening. Thats the choice of white women. Why am I so concerned about the taunts of ugly women? They are the ugliest race of women in the world, so why do their taunts get to me? Because they are “my” race? Are white women so weak willed as to be deceived by WMAF’s feeble arguments? So easily blown around by social pressure? Ultimately its their free-willed personal choice. They are the ones who choose to reject me. Everything else is just background noise. Static in the incalculable mixture of factors that go into any rejection.

There I have it. Everyone hates me. White man and Asian women, of course. But also white women and colored men.

Its just not fair. What are Hapas? Like .005% of the US population? Why did I have the bad luck to be born a Eurasian male to WMAF parents? Of all the racial-gender pairings, why did I get stuck being the Half-Asian son of WMAF? Why did it have to be me?

Its not fun being Asian. It be hard enough being an Asian-American male. But did you have to shove WMAF in my face, from my very birth? Make it an issue for me, from Kindergarten on?

What a cursed life I was given. There will be no greater relief than finally abandoning it. Life is not a gift for the Eurasian male. Its a horrid curse. Nothing personal against my parents as individuals. But why the hell did I have to be born to the worst, ugliest, cruelest, racial pairing ever? Why was this my Cross to bear? I’m not fit to handle it. I don’t have the strength to be a Eurasian. I can’t and wont do it.

My whole life I have been trying desperately to be anything else but a Eurasian. I have tried being white, Asian, Kazakh, AMWF, Mongolian, Turkish, Latino, Peruvian, Slavic. Anything. Anything else but Eurasian. Stupid know it alls, and armchair race scientists, are always bringing up those groups in my comments section. And since High School, I have been trying to pass for any of them. I would gladly be anything other than Eurasian. I just want to rip my genes apart. Tear them asunder. How do I resign from a race I never wanted?

I wish WMAF couples could be transformed into Eurasian men. You think its so fun? You want to mix white and Asian genes so much? Mix it in your own cells. Don’t mix it in mine. You live the life of a Eurasian man. You think white-asians make such great hybrids? The new master race. Inject the genes into your own cells. I wish people mixed their own genes. But they don’t. He is still a full white man. She is still a full Asian woman. It is the Eurasian man who has to live with the complete and entire burden of their selfish choices. I had no choice, voice, or input in my birth. I didn’t choose to be Eurasian. They made the choice for me, and expect me to thank them for it. Expect me to take up the responsibility for this Eurasian life on my own. This I can never do. I wish race-mixing was literally that. That when you race mixed, you mixed up your own genes and lost your race. You like Asian genes so much? Have some. But don’t give them to your unwilling son. You think that whites and asians are the 2 best races, and only great things can come from mixing them? Then you be a half-asian man. Inject some Asian DNA into your white cells. Have fun. But thats not what you do is it? You stay a white man, and enjoy all that white privilege. And you let your Half-Asian son take up the burden of your choices.

And Asian women, you find Asian genes so disgusting. You are the ones who carry it, not Asian men. The AMWF sons are all successful. There is not much Asianess in Asian sperm. The white woman’s egg does it all. AMWF sons all look very white, and live great masculine lives. It is you Asian women, not the Asian man, who carries the Asian genes you hate so much. You are the carriers of the Mongoloid disease. You spread the plague. You hate Asians so much, and yet you think you have the right to fling your filthy DNA onto your Eurasian sons? If you hate it so much, don’t give it to me. Biology is laughing at you. Biology is quite a trickster jester. She makes AMWF sons white and she makes WMAF sons Asian. She has quite the sense of humor. Quite the sense of justice. Isn’t that poetic justice? WMAF sons look Asian and AMWF sons look white. Genetics is a wily God. Its not so funny, when you’re on the receiving end of the joke, and have to live as a Eurasian male. But it is kind of funny. You have AMWF sons named Chang, Wong, Kim, who can look nearly full white. And you have WMAF sons named Johnson and Murphy who look nearly full Asian. It aint fun being an instrument of Nature’s justice.

I’m at the end of my rope. I see absolutely no way out of this. I can keep on writing about just how bad it is being Eurasian. And how unfair it is that WMAF parents force their children to be Eurasian. But as for my life, I see it as unfixable. It sucks to be Eurasian. Thats all there is to it. I’m glad other Eurasians are waking up to this, and speaking out on their own now. There were Eurasians saying this, even before me. But it is starting to pick up steam now. The Eurasian population is hitting critical mass. I’m not sure what the longterm social consequences will be, but it doesn’t look pretty.

I haven’t posted here in a while. But since I opened this can of worms, by restarting my blog again, I might as well hammer these issues out here. IDK if it does any good, most of the comments here are unhelpful. But it is nice to have the occasional white female well-wisher or a fellow Eurasian male who relates. People will tell my I’m crazy for having these thoughts. But to the extent that they make fact-based arguments and not just ad hominem slurs, I suppose it is better to air these ideas in public, rather than bottling them up inside. Even where I disagree, it forces me to buttress my case.

In a way its silly to imagine alternative lives. Siblings share the same DNA from the same parents, and yet they have entirely different looks and personalities. How much more different is it when it is a half-sibling from a different race? Hence, imagining a life for my hypothetical full-white or full-asian half-brother is not really imagining “my” life. Since with such different DNA, different parents, and a different environment, that imaginary half-brother of mine, is a whole different person. He is not the white me or the asian me.

Still, since I’m so angry about being Eurasian, and ultimately blame my parents for my genes and circumstances, it is worth investigating the alternate choices they could have made. With my dad’s white privilege, its rather easy for him. I would say that my imaginary half-brother would have a much better life, if my dad had married ANY other race of male, other than East Asian. Even South Asian Eurasians seem to have much stronger white features, they look vaguely Arab. Sure full white would be easiest. But a half black can be an Obama. And it is a statistical fact, that Black men have it easier with white women on the dating market. And in economics, it has been shown that Asian men do the worst in job interviews, since they show the least “narcissism”. And so the Black personality is more suited for showing charisma. Half-Latinos can easily pass as Mediterranean whites. Basically anything is better than Asian. Dad had it easy. If a white man marries any other race but Asian, he can give his sons a good life. And yet some white men, just have a need to mate with the worst race, and give their sons hell.

Ok, back to mom. She carries the curse of her Asian genes. Lets look at the 3 options. She can marry a white man, as she did. She can marry an Asian man in Asia or America. I have already looked at “my” imaginary life as a full-Asian in Asia. And I have decided that if you live in developed Asia, you in no way benefit from moving to America. In fact I’d rather have half the income in Asia, than endure the racial humiliation of America. USA’s per capita is around $50K, so if you are making $25K or more in Asia, there isn’t much of a reason to come here. And my family didn’t come here. Its not like I’m the son of an Asian family that immigrated to America. I’m the son of a single Asian female, who married a white man. Its hardly even a form of immigration. We didn’t even need the 1965 law changed for that, since marriages always granted citizenship. During the racist 1920s there was talk of dropping it for American women who married foreigners, but NEVER American men.

All right so lets get to the third option. Suppose my mom had married an Asian man in America. Suppose I was a full Asian-American male. Would that be better than being a Eurasian male? Do Hapas enjoy an advantage over full-Asian men? In theory yes. On paper yes. Since white=attractive and Asian=unattractive. Supposedly having 50% white DNA should be an advantage. Now I don’t look 50% more white, but even to the extent that I do look more white, whatever it is, its that much more of an advantage.

But this is just a hypothetical advantage. 0 X 1000 is still 0. I have had 0 relationships as a Eurasian man. So does this mean I would have had negative relationships as an Asian-American man?

Lets assume all other things being equal. If I have to live the exact same life as a Eurasian man or an Asian man, in America. Why not at least have an Asian dad? In what way is having a white dad an advantage? The white last name. But if thats so important an Asian can have it legally changed. Besides AMWF Hapas with Asian last names, do much better than WMAF Hapas with white last names.

Well, why does there have to be a silver lining?

We can just agree, that my parents furthered their own self-interest at the expense of their own son. Even for their own selfish interests, it was only of short-term benefit. They certainly aren’t benefiting now. They have a useless, worthless, Eurasian son, that they regret having.

Are white dads more tolerant of basement-dwellers than Asian dads? IDK, all of Asia is hikki morris, so probably not.

There is no silver-lining, when you are Eurasian. I’m not so dogmatic. I can play devil’s advocate and try to argue from the other point of view. For example if I just wanted to say that 2015 society was horrible for everybody in general. I could argue against myself, on all the human progress since the Middle Ages. Certainly Asia is in much better shape now, than it was in 1915. Still I can’t take too much happiness in it. What good is it to me, if I’m doomed to live the life of a hated Eurasian male? Whats the point of economic progress, if it can’t buy you happiness? Look at South Korea and Japan. Sure economically they are top-tier 1st world nations. But what good is it, if you are the worst race of males, hated by all women including your own? Why even bother trying? And Japan has stopped trying. Despite being the 2nd most advanced economy, they have given up on life. And this seems to be the future for the rest of East Asia, as it develops. Even China, has a big internet addiction problem. As China completes its economic miracle of becoming a Big South Korea, will its people also just give up on life? I myself used to be very impressed by the Asian developmental model. But whats the end result? Japan is the most advanced country in Asia, and its men live in misery. Men in Kenya are probably more happy. A Kenyan man can come to America, marry a white woman, and have his son be President. So I don’t care about GDP per capita. My GDP is $0. I earn $0 a year, and I’m a negative drain on my parents. But Asian-American men earning $100K a year, seem just as miserable as me. So better to sit back and relax.

Back to my question. Is it better to have an Asian or white dad? I guess a white dad is a better guide to American culture. But again, since I’m a 0 in America, how much lower can you go than 0?

Ok. fine thats the answer. If I’m trying to play devil’s advocate for my parents, and suggest their intermarriage benefited me in anyway, I just can’t do it. I can’t think of anyway that its better to be Eurasian than not Eurasian. I can’t think of any mix that would be worse than a Eurasian male. A Eurasian male is the absolute worst thing, you can be in America. Even a Kenyan, can study economics, marry an American woman, and have a presidential son. There is nothing worse than being Eurasian. People hang “Starving in Africa” over my head, and thats worse than my “1st world problems”. But that African man, with his loving wife and kids, might not want to give up his life to be a Eurasian basement dweller. He might actually be happier than me. Certainly African-Americans have much higher self-esteem than Asian-Americans. Sure I wouldn’t want to give up my comfortable meaningless life, for the brutal struggle of the 3rd world. But again 3rd world “me”, would be a different “me”. IS everyone in the 3rd world dying of misery? They have friends, lovers, family, children. And they live their lives. And yes tragedy might await them, and all those blessings, might be brutally taken away. But at least they tasted it. In 1800, most Europeans lived like the 3rd world. So does that mean all humans up to 1800 should have killed themselves? Its not just “1st world problems”. We can call them 21st century problems. Anyone living in 2015 should just shut up about their problems, since it beats being a Medieval serf.

Obviously, I disagree. And the Medieval serf or third world peasant, who has friends and family who love them, might indeed be living better lives than me. Would you like to go live on the planet Mars, with advanced super-technology and comfort, if you knew you would be despised as an ogre outcast by all the Green people? And all the Green people would laugh at you when you complained about their universal hatred, and say “Martian problems”. Here you are with all your Martian Privilege, 1000 years ahead of Earth technology, and you are complaining. Would you rather be in America, with their pitiful 2015 cavemen technology?

The more I think about it. The more I see that being a Eurasian man, really is the worst thing in the world. Sure, even people with decent lives, can have terrible tragedies happen to them. But if we compare the day to day lives of the average person in the category, excluding calamities, then yeah Eurasian is worst. Sure, my negative pains might be less than most people in most times. And thats something to appreciate. The progress of history. But my positive pleasures are zero, and thats totally because I’m Eurasian. And IDK if many people would want to give up, all social pleasures, just for material security. Not that I’m that secure on those grounds either. If I don’t commit suicide, I’ll be a homeless bum in a few years anyway. So much for my GDP. I can’t appreciate living in America, any more than you would appreciate living in Mars. Yes, if you went to Mars, the technology might be millenia ahead of 2015 USA. But if your only social contact, would be the universal hatred and derision of all the Green people around you. Would you really trade that life?

People say that there are 2 billion Asians, so obviously they had no trouble reproducing. But Asia was geographically isolated through most of history. Imagine if all Asians had to live like Asian-American men. Would their population have grown to a billion under those conditions? Thanks to globalization, all Asian men are getting the American experience. And the streets of Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, are as full of WMAF couples as San Francisco. Is it worth it? Globalization is advancing the Asian economy. No region has made more economic progress than East Asia. But is it worth having Martian technology, if you have to be surrounded by Green men who hate you?

I myself am a product of this globalization. In any other century I would not have been born. In no other time in history, could an average citizen of West European descent have met his counterpart on the other side of the globe in the Far East. Those marriages were impossible for all, but an tiny elite of explorers. Its only in the last 30 years, where the average white man can marry the average Asian woman in peacetime. Hapas are a very recent experiment. And thats why people have to turn to all these weird analogies, to try to explain Hapas. Comparing us to Kazkhs, Peruvians, Eskimos, Arabs, Kurds, Finns or whatever. It tells you there is something wrong with Eurasians, when it is easier to name some 15th century Uzbek prince, rather than a 21st century successful son of a white dad and asian mom. Some of the references are just incredibly obscure. You have to go THAT far, just to name a good Eurasian, who is not even Eurasian? And I have a huge list of AMWF Hapa sons. Its not that I went hunting for them, in order to “prove” that AMWF is better than WMAF or anything. Its just that every single comment about a successful Eurasian male, ends up being an AMWF son. And over the years, that has accumulated into a huge list. And considering that WMAF couples outnumber AMWF couples 100:1. And yet successful AMWF sons outnumber WMAF sons 100:1. I can only conclude that AMWF sons are 1000x more successful than WMAF sons. It is the defenders of WMAF who have alerted me to this fact, from all the AMWF Eurasian sons they have sent me, in an attempt to prove that Eurasians can be successful.

What should I do?

When I felt misery at the general state of the world. I could argue all the ways the world is good. But I find myself unable to argue that being a Eurasian man is good. The more I argue with myself, the more proof I uncover of just how bad Eurasian life really is. I would have given up on life earlier, if I had known just how bad Eurasian really is. No one sets out to make a Eurasian son. WMAF is very popular, and Eurasian sons are just a waste product. And when people do talk about good Eurasian sons, there is always a catch. I guarantee he wont be the son of a white dad and asian mom.

Someone has to be the worst race ever created, I guess it has to be me.

In my last few posts I have finally been moving from depression to acceptance. Yes, there is nothing worse than being Eurasian male, and I’m Eurasian male and I can live with that. Race is a social construct, in the sense that the social pain that comes from being Eurasian is imposed on me by other human beings, when they assign to me all the social traits of Hapas just by looking at me. If I avoid society, while I might still be physically Hapa, all the social pain that comes with it can be avoided. Easier said than done, as I’ve been telling myself this for years. And yet here I’m online dwelling on being Hapa.

Finding out you are Eurasian is like finding out you are going to die. Life is impossible for Eurasians. So I find the 5 Stages of accepting death mirror my 5 Stages of grief at being Hapa.


I’m don’t want to be a Eurasian. I will tell people that I’m anything but a Eurasian, any other race or mix will do. If I lie to white girls about my parents it will be like I’m not even Hapa anymore. I want non-Eurasian Privilege. The Privilege of not having to belong to the bottom worst race. I’m full white. I’m full Asian. I’m Peruvian. I’m Kazakh. I’m AMWF Hapa. I’m anything in the world but a Eurasian male.

2. Anger

How dare you say I’m not white or peruvian. It enrages me when people point out my part Asian heritage. This is a denial of the white status I believe I deserve on account of my white dad. I’m angry at everyone. WMAF for both creating and emasculating me. White women for rejecting me. Everyone else for no accepting me. I hate this universe that forces me to be a Eurasian. It is so unfair that in a supposedly post-racial US society, race still means so much. I’m full of rage for everyone including myself.

3. Bargaining

Ok, America maybe we can make some kind of deal. I will embrace US pop culture. I’ll try to be just an ordinary American dude. Even the parts of the culture I hate, I will learn to love. I’ll take any offer I can get. Anything resembling a normal American life, I’ll live it. I suck, I admit it, and I’m willing to live in whatever low status you assign to me. Just let me be a human being. I don’t want to fight anymore. Maybe things aren’t so bad. 21st century America is a great, advanced civilization in many ways, and I should feel grateful for living in it. All of History leads to this moment. There is a lot of good in society that I overlook. I can live in a world like this. Lets just make a deal.

4. Depression

No deal. Even my unconditional surrender is rejected. I’m not fit even to be a slave. I’m worthless garbage that shouldn’t exist. I’m the lowest of the low. Human waste. I shouldn’t exist. All is lost. There is no hope. Despair and angst. I will forever be cutoff from the human race. I will never know basic human warmth or kindness. I will be treated like I’m an alien monster species. I will never be at home in this planet, never part of the human family. Every human sees a monster ogre in me.

5. Acceptance

Fine. Someone has to be the worst race in the world, there has to be a bottom of the barrel, it might as well be me. Being Hapa is my cross to bear. IF someone has to take care of worthless Asian sons, it might as well be a White dad. This is what I was genetically doomed to be, and there was never any changing it. There is nothing to regret, nothing I could have done differently. Oriental Fatalism. My genes doomed me to be a failed Hapa. If I bury my head in the sand like an Ostrich, maybe I can forget that I even am Hapa. I’m only Hapa when white girls see a Hapa in me. If I avoid all humans, I can have no race. Like a pig rolling in the mud, I can dwell in the filth of my own self-loathing. Revel in my degeneracy. I suck and I’m proud. Fine. Now I can stop crying about the human race, since they are not my race. They are a totally different species, as far away from me as ants. And I’m just a worm to them. Why care about people who despise me? People of all stripes, will never consider a Hapa human. Theres no need to force my company on anyone. If this is how the human race feels about Hapas, I will not force my hated presence on them. Live and let live. You stay on your side of the planet and I will stay on my side. I will try to forget that humans even exist, you have already forgotten me.

I’m making a lot of claims about what it means to be Eurasian male, both for myself and for my race in general. And ultimately I’m either right or wrong about this. Either the Eurasian crisis is as bad as I claim it is, or Eurasian men are just normal regular guys not much worse than white men. Now I think its telling that the biggest celebrity example of Eurasian male success is a Big Lie. Hes not actually Eurasian nor does he have a white dad. I think overwhelming evidence of Eurasian male failure has been provided, but the few examples of success have all been exposed as deliberate hoaxes. Not one is a 1/2 White, 1/2 Asian son of a White dad.

What are the conclusions if me being right or wrong?

If I’m wrong, then its just me, these are my personal problems, and it has nothing to do with the Eurasian race. But if I’m right, there are many more Eurasian men out there feeling like me. Many perhaps who feel much more strongly than me, since their WMAF parents are more perfect examples of the WMAF stereotype.

Lets present my thesis in simple terms
1. Eurasian men are considered Asian men by White Society
2. WMAF parents lower the status of Asian men in White Society

I think those 2 thesis alone are enough to produce extreme parental conflict between WMAF sons and their parents. We can expand on #1 by saying that even those Eurasian men, who to me look more white, still complain about how they have been held back from white women by their Asian-looks. Even where IMHO their Asian-looks are not that prominent, they still say it has made getting white girlfriends impossible. And so even slight Asian features are considered by these Eurasian men to be extreme disadvantages. And they are not wrong. When I see facial attractiveness studies of just European men, the officially
biologically designated definition of ugliness are those white men who seem to have almost Mongoloid features. We can expand on #2 by saying, just by existing WMAF adds to the general atmosphere of Asian emasculation. But for many Eurasian sons the situation is even worse than mine, in that their parents go out of their way to deliberately and openly belittle Asian masculinity. Now you can say, well they are just attacking Asian masculinity, they have nothing against their Half-Asian sons. But thanks to 1-drop rule Eurasian men are
essentially Asian men. Obama is also Hapa, and hes Black. Obama has been referred to as a ‘Hapa’ since its origins lie in being a slur for mixed Hawaiians, not specifically White-Asian mixes. This is why I say there is no correct term for White-Asian hybrids. Eurasian
specifically refers to Central Asians, and Hapa refers to Hawaiians. There is no proper term for my kind.

So what are the conclusions if my thesis are true? Suppose all Hapa men are going to be treated like Asian men by White Society, and their parents are implicitly or often explicitly anti-Asian male?

IDK exactly what the solution will be. All I can say is that I as a Eurasian man am very angry about this situation, and my parents belong to the relatively benign section of those who are just implicitly anti-Asian and not explicitly. I can only imagine the fate of those Eurasian sons enslaved by openly racist parents. Awareness and self-awareness is the 1st step. And I’ve done my part in this. Any Eurasian searching for self-identity can rather easily Google up my blog. Now I don’t know if every Eurasian in the world is going to agree with everything I say. But if what I say about the Hapa experience is true, they should relate and feel the same way as me.

In that sense, there is nothing left to do. Either I’m right and Hapas are going to be angry or I’m wrong and they’ll be content with their lives. I believe I’ve presented overwhelming evidence why contentment is impossible for Hapas, but we’ll see. They have to liberate themselves. I can’t take being Hapa anymore. I don’t want to endure. I’m not strong. So ultimately either Hapas will self-liberate themselves somehow or they wont. My individual life is beyond saving. But I’m just one person. And I can’t take up all the sufferings of every single Hapa ever born on my back alone. I’m a miserable Hapa. What the miserable Hapas of the world do with their misery is on them. And I guess for the sake of sanity, I should stop taking up the burdens of every single Hapa in the world as my own. They will have to find their own path, I’m just one Hapa and can only deal with my own life.

Would I have wanted to read this blog when I was a teen? It would have set me straight on a lot of issues, popped alot of my delusional bubbles. Is it good to be so realistically self-aware? Or is it better off to live in a delusion, thinking that being mixed is no hardship and perhaps even a hybrid vigor? Is it better to live the hybrid vigor lie or to face the cold hard reality of Eurasian rejection? Beliefs don’t really make a difference. My best experiences with white women, all happened after I had begun to think about Eurasian inferiority. While I had made only limited progress, when I had been brainwashed into thinking Eurasians were some master race. In that sense the truth was no barrier, it was perhaps an aid. But the longterm consequence is me here. Being so paralyzed by self-loathing I can’t even live. Every single one of my beliefs serves inertia. A type of Oriental Fatalism based on genetic determinism. I’m just so sure that I’m doomed by my Eurasian genes I don’t bother to try. I’ve totally given up on life. And I don’t care that I’m sitting out life, since I believe its doomed to be ruined no matter what I do. Yes if I want to be lazy, these are the ideal beliefs. If I Want to do nothing, its best to believe that nothing I do will make a difference.

But its not just about delusional self-confidence. I believe my best moments with white women were achieved after I started this Hapa misery stuff, and not during the period in which I thought I was awesome and had some great destiny. In that sense depressive realism produced more results than delusional self-confidence. But I have to admit that the longterm consequence of these corrosive thoughts are me here in 2015. I’ve never sank lower. I really am nothing but human waste now, and thats what I believe I am.

The point of this post is that nothing matters. If Eurasians are good, then good. If Eurasians are bad, they will have to find a way to deal with their horrible parents on their own. The Eurasian question will resolve itself somehow. And theres no need for me to angst over the whole Eurasian population. As for me as a Hapa individual however. Well, I guess there really isn’t any hope for me. And it is based largely on race, with Hapas being treated like absolute garbage. I can’t endure it. My solution is to give up on life. Maybe other Hapas will think up some other solution.

Eurasians are the worst race, the hardest race. Some Hapas take it up as a challenge, pumped up to be playing the game of life on hard level. None of them have ever won. But some think they are up to the challenge. For me I can’t endure being the worst race. Life was hard enough when I considered myself to be a basically generic white male. When you add in the Hapa handicap, my life becomes a hellish impossibility. We’ll see if some Hapa can achieve the impossible, all I’ll say is that no other Hapa in history, ever has. I’m realistic enough to know I wont be the first Eurasian male success ever. Or maybe my solution is the best solution. You’re right when you say the women of the world don’t owe Eurasian men anything, they don’t. The only ones who directly owe Eurasian men anything, are their own parents who put them in this situation. And so maybe ‘slavery reparations’ from the WMAF parents are indeed the best solution. Maybe my pathetic life, is the best life for Hapas. Certainly Hapa men will never receive any mercy from women. So theres nothing for them out in the world. Maybe my path is the best path for Hapas. I have no answers all I know is being Hapa sucks.

It would be stupid to destroy my life just go get revenge on my WMAF parents. That would be cutting off my nose to spite my face. ‘Ha ha you have a son that is a complete and total failure, wheres your hybrid vigor now?’ I mean I have practically said that to them. But I didn’t intentionally self-destruct my life just to say it. I think in some ways as I have hit rock bottom, I have come to make peace with the hellishness of being Eurasian. If Asian men are doomed, I would rather be Eurasian. Not because I believe there is any Eurasian advantage, especially if you look as Asian as Obama looks Black. But because as I have said in my last few posts, if Asian sons are nothing but a welfare burden, sure let white dads foot the bill. If Asian sons are totally worthless in the west, its fitting that a white man and asian woman now have to raise a man-child. And so in that sense I’m glad to be Eurasian. I’m glad to be my WMAF’s parents problem. Not that I’m doing it out of spite, but if someone has to support me, it might as well be them. If I’m going to belong to the worst race, I might as well be my white dad’s burden.

Drop out of society and live off my WMAF parents. That seems to be my solution. And yet I’ve been doing it for years and obviously I’m still not happy. Part of it is the uncertainty, I know it can’t last forever, and my parents haven’t given me a lifetime welfare guarantee. And I keep coming back to these Hapa issues, even if it technically shouldn’t matter to me, if I have no human contact. If I stop coming online, I don’t have to be Hapa anymore. In that sense racial is a social construct. Other people have to see me as a Hapa for me to be Hapa. If I just had a blog about how much life sucks, and never mentioned my race, people would just call me white, as in fact happened in the past.

Yes, there is a woe is me aspect to all this. Its hard for me to care about anyone else’s problems at this point, when I know they don’t care at all about the hellish lives of Eurasians. IF people living great lives, don’t care about Hapa slavery, why should I care when their perfect world falls apart? I’m human garbage to them, subhuman trash. And garbage can’t feel pity. I do, I really do think being Eurasian is the worst thing in the world. I’m destroying myself. My lifestyle is unsustainable. Maybe I did let all the media,
sociological, internet negativity get to me. But its not based on nothing, my real life was not sunshine. IDK maybe I do let all the online anti-asian stuff dominate me. I’ve always be hypersensitive about being half-asian. Ideally I would want people to not see me as Asian at all. And so even the mildest racism, or just an
acknowledgement of my Asianess, was hell for me. Just to be called the Asian guy was so painful to me as a half-white. And knowing what I do now as an adult, about Asian status in the West, I can’t say I was so wrong as a child. I knew I didn’t want to be asian male. And adulthood has confirmed all my childhood fears.

While I wanted to wipe the Asian side out, I have in fact wiped the white side out. I’m so sure that all people will see in me is a asian male. Even though many people do see my mixed features. There has even been rare incidents where I’m seen as white or latino. So I’m not Asian or full Asian to everyone. And yet at this point, thats what I’m sure everyone sees in me. Well, I think thats basically true. Maybe 10% at the highest see me as white/latino or anything but Asian. 40% see full Asian. 50% see Hapa. Something like that. I can only tell from those who explicitly mention race. I guess if you just see a full Asian, you’re less likely to make a comment, than if you see a mix, since the mix is a more interesting conversation.

I’m totally convinced more than anything else that being Eurasian is the worst thing ever. And having written 100s of pages on the topic, I’ve done more to convince me than anyone else.

Many New White Nationalists have given up on the 14 Words. They wouldn’t mind seeing the beauty of blonde women being weeded out from the human race. Swedish women are just too beautiful to exist, for white beta males, and demand too much Feminism to reflect their high sexual market value. Better a Thai woman, who is the ugliest race of women in the world, and can’t use her looks to negotiate any Feminism out of a Western Man. These White men are looking on their Eurasian sons to be the salvation of the White Race.

Are Eurasian men going to save the white race? Are we going to inherit the greatness of the 2 best races and use it to save Western Civilization? Will we be the model citizens of a new White America that expels both white women and colored men?

OR are we Eurasian men going to be the enemies of white men and western civilization? Will we be full of hatred for a father and nation that despises us?

I’m coming to peace with the failure of the Eurasian race. It would be worse if WMAF was successful and Eurasian sons were actually good. It is justice that every single Eurasian male is a miserable fail. The only bad part is that I have to live the life of one of them. Instead of getting frustrated by a White Nationalists who advocate breeding Eurasian sons, I should smile and laugh at them. I know their own sons will deliver them just deserts in the end. Eurasian sons are the Trojan horse in the WMAF marriage.

I probably should get my head out of this Eurasian stuff. I’ve done enough writing on the topic to send the message to any of my fellow Eurasians who wish to read me. If a Eurasian wants to know why he is in such a miserable situation, it is easy enough to find and read my blog. He might not agree with me on everything, but if his situation matches my description, I think he will be convinced by my
explanations. Perhaps he will even be more extreme than me on some issues.

Thats all that matters in the end. WMAF has too much self-interest in their sadism to ever mend their ways. And the rest of humanity has too little interest in it to care. This blog is written by Eurasians for Eurasians. Really it is only Eurasian opinion that matters. Now what Eurasian men choose to do with this self-knowledge is in their hands. Eurasians are in a very bad spot, the correct way out of it, is not obvious. All I can say is that Eurasian men are very much in conflict with the aims of WMAF. WMAF wants their Eurasian sons to preserve the white race. But the White Race does not even consider Eurasian men to be white. Its quite a horrid paradox there. The very existence of a Hapa is a paradox, since you are born out of your own destruction. IDK reading and researching and writing on these issues has been pretty toxic on my already fragile state of mind.

Theres nothing I can personally do about any of this. It is in the hands of Eurasians to take a grip on their own life. They will have to find their own road. Its not easy. All of society is at war with your, your own parents wage war on you. It really seems hopeless for Eurasians born of white men and asian women. I don’t have any easy answers. I’ve leeched on my parents my whole life, and I will do it a little longer. I can’t do it forever. Eventually I will have to suicide, to relieve me of the burden of my life. Maybe I will connect my suicide to my blog. so the world can have more evidence of Eurasian failure. But once I’m dead it wont really matter. Lets say it got the news talking about how WMAF is toxic to its children, it wouldn’t affect my corpse. Social issues don’t really matter once you’re dead. What would the best case scenario be? Lets say it did start a national discussion about how WMAF hurts its own children, and this blog was discussed as the cause of my suicide. Maybe in the longrun it would improve the circumstances of Eurasian men. Perhaps American society would realize just how poisonous its treatment of Eurasian masculinity has been, and WMAF would be looked on with a more critical eye. And then longterm Eurasian men get more dates. A lot of good that will do me. And thats a far-fetched best case fantasy.

What would Eurasian activism look like? Going around giving out pamphlets about how our parents hate us?

I’m at the end of my rope. I don’t see any solutions to either my own life, or that of Eurasian men in general. I find myself in a pretty toxic corner of the internet which just poisions my brain more. But I’ll never get out of this cage, because when I ask myself is the situation in real life good for Eurasian men? The answer is a resounding no. Both from empirical data and my own personal
observations. So maybe this is the best I can do. Ranting over and over again on a blog. I can’t change the world, so I can rant about it. I guess I could just learn to accept my social isolation. If I didn’t go online, I wouldn’t even have to be reminded of my race. I can just accept that due to the race I was born with, I will never have any human relationships with men or women. And I can try to entertain myself for as long as I can leech off my parents. I probably wouldn’t want to live decades like that. But I could enjoy the months or years I have left.

Yes, its true I’m on a toxic side of the internet that will only serve as positive reinforcements for my already negative view on Hapa life. But the data of the real world, reinforces the ugliest comments of anonymous interneters. I can’t say life is good for Asian and Hapa men, and its all just internet exaggeration. No, the Hapa crisis is real. Now maybe I should try to think about other things. But the world is just a terrible place in so many other ways. Thats why I used to have my neutral blog on just the general terribleness of life. I never mentioned race, and people assumed I was just a generic white male. And life was still terrible for me. I learned to make peace with that life. If I was a generic white man, I could make peace with this terrible world. And I indeed tried to do so. Thats why I was actually kind of relieved when I chickened out of suicide. I said, ok, I suck so bad I can’t even die. I deserve my place in slavery in this world. But as a Eurasian I feel no relief in delaying or retreating from suicide. For every moment of life is just torture to me. And I know as a Hapa, I will never belong to the human family.

I guess I’ll just drag out life for a few more months. Maybe I will try to avoid Hapa issues. But if I’m leaving this world anyway, why pretend its a good place? Might as well look the misery in the face. Its bad being Hapa, thats all I can say. I can’t imagine any mix of races worse than being a WMAF son. I’ve written 100s of pages on why I believe this to be the case. Of all the mixes of races and genders theres nothing worse than me. I’ve explored every possible option and this is my deadend.

Is there anything good about being Eurasian?

I mean sure there are worst times and places in history to be born. I guess even in America there are people suffering more than me. I’m relatively comfortable physically thanks to the largess of my parents. And I’m well past the age by rights that if I was a normal son I should be earning my own keep instead of being a man-child. But even people with terrible lives usually have some basic human love and relations. I think there are few people as cutoff from the human race as me. And this is totally because I’m a Eurasian male. By this social human standard, I think I can fairly say I live one of the worst lives in America. And if suicide is wrong for me, its wrong for everyone, no one ever should leave this wonderful stage called life. I don’t even feel like I’m part of the human race. I feel like Eurasians are a totally new hominid species. And maybe science supports those feels.

Alright, maybe I shouldn’t take every nasty anonymous WMAF comment I read online as a personal indictment on my parents. But if this is the basis of WMAF, how am I ever supposed to take pride in being a WMAF son? How can I even look myself in the mirror? Its true I’m the son of one WMAF couple, not every WMAF in the world is my parents. Maybe I shouldn’t take it so personally like its my own parents attacking their own sons. Look these ugly WMAF couples might go on to have Eurasian sons of their own, who feel like me or worse. But thats their problem. He’ll have to find his own path. I can only hope he’ll read my blog or someone like me, to help guide him. But hes not me. Its not like every potential Eurasian birth in the world, has to be my personal concern. I’ve done my best as far as Hapa education goes. But the life of each Hapa man is in his own hands. And maybe I’ve been thinking too big picture, like I really am the son of every single WMAF couple and not just one. I have judged my parents very harshly based on the perceived immorality of other WMAF couples. I have no answer to Eurasian questions. The solution for me is to leech and then eventually get ride of my life. I don’t know how other Eurasians are going to deal with their problems. For me at least, my final conclusion, is that the Eurasian dilemma in insolvable and Eurasian men are doomed and can’t be saved.


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