Sometimes I feel a little guilty saying my parents are “not that bad”. Maybe I’ve been “bought off” by reparations. Its funny, in my teen years when I would through my enraged tantrums and wreck the house, as early as 15, my dad told me if he couldn’t control me, he’d get rid of me. Now many, many years later. At a time when my peers have begun to marry and start families. I’m less functional and more dependent on him than I was at 15. During one of my rants I went on and on about how horrible it was being a Hapa man, but that I’d live off of my “reparations” from my White dad. And this enraged him, and he said no one would stop him from throwing a full grown man, my age out of the house. Hes sarcastically brought up my “reparations from my white father” a couple of times since, so I guess it had an impact on him. Does this make us even? I consider being Half Asian a shitty life. But hey as long as someone else is paying for it.

The more militant Hapas would say that anyone who says “my parents weren’t like that” is making excuses. And it would be hypocritical for me to say WMAF is the devil, but oh not my parents. Thats why I reference 2011, as my guide. Am I betraying what I said then? Its true I said a lot of angry things about my parents. But the anger was over WMAF as WMAF. That with WMAF happening at such overwhelming rates as it was. It couldn’t be interpreted as anything other than a rejection of the value of Asian males. And thats why I shine the light on those WMAFs who just come out and say it. Since it “proves” what I’ve always thought WMAF is about. But even in 2011, I was saying my parents aren’t that bad. It was always about my anger at WMAF as a trend. Although where my parents messed up, I always brought it up.

Yes, one flaw in my parents is they refuse to acknowledge just how hellish life is for Asian men. Once my dad even joked that I should write a book called “My life as an Asian Man… and my unsympathetic White Father.” Little does he know, I’ve long written, many volumes of that book. At the same time, I’m not here to say “my evil parents refuse to acknowledge that Asian male life is hell”. Because what good would it do if they did?

Say one of you “Good WMAFs” comes here, and says “I wont be like your rotten parents, I will tell my kids all about institutional and structural racism, and patriarchy and imperialism and colonialism, and how WMAF fits into all that.” Slow clap. So you acknowledge that WMAF is at the nexus of all that racism and sexism, at least on the aggregate. But you still want to benefit from imperialism? How is that better than being ignorant? In some ways knowledge is more evil. Like the Asian women who write these “progressive” “feminist” articles about how they know its so bad being an Asian man, but sorry they also married a white man. Is that the model you are looking to, when you say you will be a WMAF who acknowledges racism against Asian men? Sorry son, I took advantage of you being the worst race of males, but try to make the best of it, and fight the man. (not me though!)

Does it mean every WMAF is bad? No… but. But either you have to be willfully ignorant. Maybe not outright racist, but not really thinking about racism either. Or you are a hypocrite and opportunist. You acknowledge structural racism, and then you proceed to profit off your privileges. Acknowledgement means nothing. There is nothing worse than those articles written by WMAF,that says they get Asian male problems.

Oh I just happened to meet my White husband, Asian wife. We just met and it clicked. I’m not like your evil parents, who went to Asia looking for an easy wife. My parents met in the USA. Through a mutual friend. Thats about as conventional way for a relationship to start as you can get. Once as a kid, I even asked my parents, if they could invite that friend to my birthday party, since she was the reason I was born. Back then I looked at me being born as a good thing.

BUT. But I don’t accept that WMAF “just happens”; when AMWF doesn’t “just happen”. Lets say my parents’ WMAF is pure and innocent, they just met and clicked. When I told my mom about my hatred of WMAF to her face, this was pretty much her answer. Lets accept it. But then switch the genders around. If it were an Asian male immigrant to the US, with a thick accent, would he “just happen” to meet a white woman and marry? Its not an accident we Hapas have white dads. Just by probability, there was more of a chance of being WMAF. A LOT more. And I don’t care what the official stats are. I go by what I see. And I honor the legacy of Wilkes McDermid, who personally counted it, and saw 99:1. This has been my general experience as well. I’ve said 100:1. I see WMAF everywhere. Maybe I’ve seen 20 AMWFs in my whole lifetime. So don’t tell me it “just happens”. Don’t tell me you grew up in a 70% white country or a 90% white town. Because if it “just happened” it would “just happen” for AMWF too. I go by the ghost of Wilkes. If I see 99:1, then its 99:1. I can make all the excuses in the world I want for my parents. But the point is, it wouldn’t have just happened for an Asian male FOB. If he went to a 90% white town, he wouldn’t “just happen” to meet a nice white girl and marry her.

Thats why I’m angry at my parents just for being part of the WMAF trend. And have given them much grief for it.

The thing about the WMAF sons with bad parents, which seems to be most of them, both those that agree or disagree with me. The thing is, they make it about their parents. They have horror stories to tell. These horror stores certainly illustrate the challenges of the Hapa experience. I have some politically incorrect anecdotes, but I wouldn’t say I have horror stories. But then these WMAFs come along, and they read all these horror stories. And it just reassures them. Me and my Asian wife are normal people. We are not these monsters. So obviously it doesn’t apply to me. Even if 90% of WMAFs are monsters, I’m part of the 10%, so my kids will be totally fine. And the Hapas don’t exactly challenge this. They resort, that no you must deep down be a bad WMAF. Don’t get me wrong. That usually IS the case. On the internet, WMAFs have a terrible case of racist Tourettes, where they can’t help but be racist and sexist.

In the rare case where a WMAF doesn’t slip up, these Hapas are shocked. And they fawn all over them. You guys will be fine, because you aren’t racist. You’re not one of the bad ones. Yeah, I’m surprised too, just because WMAF online is just so racist and sexist. Meeting one that isn’t is a diamond in the rough. And generally I wont attack them. I wont say that really you are racist, or that just by being in a WMAF you’re evil. If they believe and say the right things, and they aren’t racist, I wont start trouble with them. BUT. But I don’t believe they’ve solved the Hapa problem. The Hapas with bad parents. Maybe they agree, problem solved. They had bad parents. They see most WMAFs on the internet are bad. They read the bad WMAF news stories. And then they meet a WMAF who isn’t obviously bad. And they say, your kids are going to be totally fine. I disagree. I say their kids can very well be me.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for anti-racism. And I don’t want my point to be, go ahead be racist against your Hapa kids, don’t be racist, they are all doomed in the end. Being racist against your own kids, is a horrific form of child abuse, and it definitely makes a bad situation much, much, worse. But not being racist, doesn’t remove the bad situation. So when I say my parents aren’t that bad, aren’t stereotypical, aren’t racist. It might seem I’m making a pro-WMAF statement. But in the longrun, its a much darker anti-WMAF statement. Unlike the other Hapas, I’m not going to tell you, just don’t be racist, just address Asian male problems, and your kid is clear sailing. No, you can do everything perfectly right, and your son is still me.

Parents only have a limited role in their kids lives. Society, culture, peers has a much bigger influence. So lets say the WMAF parents believe all the right things, perfectly politically correct, have never said anything bad about Asians their entire life. Then the Half Asian son goes to school. He learns he lives in a culture, where Asian men are overwhelmingly the least valued as males. He learns 1st hand all the Asian stereotypes. He sees the overwhelming WMAF flood. Which follows naturally from the proposition that Asian men are the worst men. WMAF is at the heart of Asian emasculation. Both a cause and effect of it. Without commenting at all, on the character of his parents as individuals, once he has come to experience life as a Half-Asian man, WMAF comes to embody everything thats terrible about that life. Its obvious that women of ALL races, but most conspicuously Asian women have rejected Asian men as men. Then what is he supposed to think about his WMAF parents? And you not being directly, openly racist against Asian men, doesn’t fix it. Asian women still by far have the highest rate of outmarriage, overshadowing overwhelmingly any other race of women. And you are part of it. Your son can certainly think like me. WMAF is about me being the worst kind of man. And my parents are WMAF.

This is why me saying “my parents aren’t that bad” is not a copout, but a defense of the Hapa cause. I’m not going to tell a WMAF who acknowledges Asian men have it bad, that their sons will be just fine. What are you going to tell your son? Yes, theres a lot of racism against Asian men, especially in the dating field. Sorry about that son. Acknowledgement doesn’t solve the problem. Face it, your WMAF is going in the wrong direction. Your WMAF is part of the trend, that Asian women, unlike any other race of women, are totally unsatisfied with their race of men. Why is inmarriage better than outmarriage? Its not about better or worse. Its about whats normative. Its about IS not OUGHT. All other races of women DO inmarry, thats the IS, thats the facts. Asian women are the ONLY race of women to outmarry in such large numbers. Implicitly it is a sexual selection against Asian men. But we don’t need to just deduce the implications of it. Its explicit. There so much overt propaganda saying Asian men are the worst race of men. I’ve said before, the shock is not that AMWF is so rare, the miracle is that AMWF can happen at all, given the overwhelming tide against Asian men. I’m half inclined to ignore all the white women in AMWF who post here as trolls trying to weaken my resolve. I’ve never seen any of you in real life. Now in the internet, you want to tell me, you exist and have found my blog?

If its all about bad parents. Then the WMAFs reading can just say they wont be bad parents. Even when they do have racist tourettes. If I say I have good parents, then there aren’t any easy solutions.

It matters for the Hapas too. Theres no point trying to convince every Hapa in the world, that their parents are evil. You wouldn’t even convince me, the author of this blog. But theres no use, just writing off those Hapas as brainwashed. I’m glad all these Hapa resources about terrible parents exist. And I hope it helps those Hapas grapple with their demons. But suppose a Hapa with nothing against his parents comes to my blog. If hes suffered as a Half Asian male in society, he might identify with the thought process I’ve been through. As far as parents go, he might remember all the ways his parents have been less than parents. But more importantly than them as individuals, he sees the Hapa paradox. Hes born of WMAF, but WMAF as trend says hes less of a man. Its impossible to read it any other way in the context of US culture, and what Asian men and Asian women are to US culture.

Look my blog isn’t and never has been a programmatic statement. I don’t lay out what the Hapa problems are in a concise, orderly manner, and then present a program on how to fix it. Its personal, rambling, autobiographical, stream of consciousness. And maybe this hurts my blog in being a tool to convince anyone of any specific position. But I look at it heuristically. The only people who can be convinced in the end, are my fellow Hapas. So they look over the whole stream of my life. I’m sure much of it is unique to me. But some of it, it only happens to Hapas. And they might have thought they are the only people in the world who’ve ever dealt with it. And then they learn its a Hapa issue. They can see how my thought process evolved, and they can choose to follow me if they want.

As long as Asian men and Asian women occupy the spaces they do in US society. Which in my opinion are the worst places any males and females can be in a cultural space. Then WMAF will be a substantiation of it. If Asian men are nerdy, sucky, enemy eunuchs. And Asian women are easy prostitutes, or quiet, non-feminists, that even nerdy awkward white guys can talk to and have a good chance with. Then WMAF follows naturally. The overwhelming numbers of WMAF. Follow from a race, in which the men are sexless, and the women are easily available to the lowest status white men. Its ugly. And Hapa come to feel like they are born out of something ugly, no matter who their parents are as individuals.

To the “good WMAFs” as a Hapa male, born of WMAF, thats how I feel. I feel that WMAF embodies all the ugliness associated with asian men and asian women in white society. Its ugly and I see WMAF as ugly. And its not going to change so long as WMAF takes place in a context where Asians are where they are. I hate the cultural space Asians occupy. There is no worse type of man or worse type of women. Everything the ideal Man shouldn’t be, thats what an Asian man is. You think your half whiteness can free your Half Asian son from all that? It didn’t free me. Just look at pictures of REAL Hapas, NOT your fake Keanu and Dean Cain. Some of them might be on the mixed side. But you can’t look at pictures of Hapas, and tell me, that Asianess is irrelevant to them. They will suffer it. And if WMAF remains anti-Asian its anti-Hapa. This is what I mean when I write that I was born of my own racial castration.

As long as Asians remain what they are to White Society, Hapas will remain what they are. And with the True Face of Hapas emerging in just the last few years, America does not like what it sees.


Where do we go from here? A lot of my posts since 2014, have been backward looking. Looking back to my blog of 2011. Which in many ways stood as a finished total work. Where the Hapa flame was carried on, is in the comments section of my blog, where there was much lively discussion that carried on, developed and went beyond my early points. And this continued from 2011, right up to 2014, when all these new Hapa resources began sprouting up. At this point, if I wanted to recommend someone a place to start on Eurasian issues, I might not even recommend my own blog. And I don’t say this out of any false modesty. Others have given me credit or blame, as being the one who got the ball rolling in really analyzing these Eurasian problems. I don’t want to give myself all the credit, because its not true, that it started with me. And if we pretend that it started with me, should pretend that the Eurasians of the past never had any problems?

You can find plenty of posts prefiguring my ideas going back into the 2000s and the 1990s. And in other sources even before the 1990s. What I do deserve credit for, is I’m the one who really connected the WMAF trends to the self-image of Eurasian men as Half-Asian men. Even there I was prefigured by Urban Dictionary. Their entry on Hapa males, in a very concise and pithy way from 2010, sums up every thing I’ve said since. The White guys with Yellow Fever who put down Hapa guys, become the dad of Hapa guys. And whoever the anonymous Hapa who wrote that was, he was less militant than me. He said there was nothing wrong with Asian women preferring white men. But he said it creates a lot of problems for Hapa males in the teen years.

I closed my 2011 blog with April Wilkner. And in many ways she represents the wrong kind of Eurasian women. A Eurasian woman who uses her mixedness as a way of escaping being Asian. But back in 2006, when I was watching her. I was also someone who wanted to escape being Asian. So when Janice Dickenson told her that she needed to embrace her role as the “Asian model”; and April said no I’m half white. These are ideas that resonated with me. Understand that in 2006, I wasn’t some White-washed white-worshiping Eurasian guy. Oh I had went through my rightwing, patriotic, pro-white days in my youth. But just the next year, I turned militantly anti-white. Calling whites devils. But even in hating white people, my Asian shame still showed. I was with colored people, with the brown man. Against the white man.

When in the 8th grade my White dad asked, so what are you an Asian nationalist now? I said No! Black Nationalist. Even in my pride, in being anti-white, I was still shamed of being Asian. I looked to Blacks, Browns, Muslims. Anyone but Asians, especially East Asians. Even later in high school, where I gingerly moved towards genuinely embracing¬†Asian Nationalism, it was pretending that Asians were like the other minorities, Brown and Black. I wasn’t ready to take on the genuine issues unique to Asians. If the problem with Asians is that they are too smart, and don’t commit enough crime, I wasn’t there yet.

And this was the mindset I was in in 2006, when I saw April Wilkner, and was ready to start looking into Eurasian issues. And if all these militant Eurasian blogs and forums, existed in 2006, I would have grabbed the title Hapa Eurasian, and been behind them 100%. But the Hapa, Eurasian forums had nothing to say to me. And I have nothing but disgust for those who would drag us back to those bad old days. There are thousands of Hapas suffering out there. If you took them back to 2006, they would just feel like freaks, their Hapa angst not spoken to. I’m proud, that in part thanks to my blog, a Hapa in 2016, looking to find out who he is, wont have to abandon his Hapaness.

But thats what I had to do. So then finally, after all these years of running from being Asian, I was ready to be Asian. I called around all the Asian Civil Rights groups. And I was almost going to intern or join up with one of these Anna Hong-Smith lead groups. Although I didn’t know about the Hong-Smith at the time, since on the website she just called herself “Anna Hong.” I went to one of these Asian culture clubs in college. And there was some talk by a White Christian missionary in Asia. My dad joked there must have been a lot of white guys coming to the Asian club to meet Asian girls. He always assumes that anything Asian, there are going to be white guys looking for Asian girls. I assume it too, but more sinisterly than him. Anyway there was actually only 1 white, a white girl. I should have told my white dad that, and asked him if the white girl was there to meet Asian guys?

Hapa groups weren’t the answer. But full Asian groups I learned were just as corrupt. And so for a while I totally abandoned my fixation on being Hapa and Asian. And decided that that struggle would be decided in wider struggles I was involved with. So I bounced around this and that for a while, not really thinking about being Hapa. Until 2009, when I had a total breakdown. I had a blog then, which was on general pessimism and despair. Never mentioned being Hapa or race at all. But these Hapa issues were already growing on me 2006-2010.

My Asian and Hapa issues developed mostly after high school. But don’t think it was so innocent in my teen years, even if I wasn’t as ideologically conscious of what it meant to be a Asian Hapa male. In the 10th grade, I was in the car with my parents, and they brought up the subject of girls. And I made the extremely hostile comment that “You have RAPED my mother, and I will RAPE your daughter”. At only 15 years old this was my way of saying, I would only date white girls. But even I have to admit, that it was vicious language. But it just shows you, that even before I was “awakened”, I was even more enraged about being a WMAF son, than I’m now. I said to my dads face, that by being in a WMAF, he was being a rapist. If anything I’m much, much nicer now, when I try to say my parents generally aren’t bad people. But they are part of the WMAF trend which has many negativities. At 15, there was no ambiguity to my rage. My dad actually took it lightly. And said if I wanted to date women of his ethnicity, that was good.

But despite all the rage I show at the very idea of dating Asian girls. Both my parents have brought it up several times since. As recently as last month, my mom said I could meet a girl in her country. I guess they have no long term memory, at the rage I’ve shown at that idea for many years. Even when I was an Asian Nationalist. When I drew my Spirit of the Fatherland, I represented her as a beautiful White woman in a toga. Ironically it speaks the truth. The Spirit of my FATHER’s Land is a white woman. Even when I was militantly pro-colored anti-white, even then I couldn’t conceive of dating anyone other than a white woman. And I didn’t even have any ideological ideas like I do now, about Asian women being of immoral character. I just didn’t consider them as women. You think I’m obsessed with white women now? When I was in Middle School, I had a little crush on Jessica Alba. Once I found out she was Mexican and non-white, I felt almost physically sick, that I had been attracted to a nonwhite. Now I would happily accept most Latinas into the white family. But it just shows you, that if you think I’m bad now, with all my Hapa Ideas, I was even worse when I wasn’t thinking about them.

I’d like to touch on this incident from High School. It deserves its own post, but since I post so often these days, might as well at least get it out of the bag, and then come back to it later.

My senior year of high school I had a Hapa moment in person, face to face. If the basic Hapa idea is you are an Asiaphile White nerd, who thinks Hapas are shit, your own son is going to be Hapa. I was on the Track Team. And we had this really obnoxious white guy, with that cracked nerd voice, right out of the movies. But he was good at running, and very arrogant. Anyway he was rude to me. So I said to him “be careful, you might have a son like me”. The track team was full of Asians. And the Asian guys were actually totally cool with hanging out with a Asiaphile white guy. It was the Hapa, who challenged it. I was just starting to read up on this stuff on the internet. And I found out that “Rice King” was the term for gay white men into Asians. And I let everyone on the team know it, and they started using it. They asked me, if my dad was a Rice King. Long before I had this blog, I was making the basic point of it, to white guy’s faces. I had no awareness of how bad the situation was for Asian men. If anything I saw more AMWF in high school. This cute, athletic, Track white girl was dating another Asian guy from the Track team. And he wasn’t exactly one of the Super Asians, breaking all the stereotypes. I even had a lot of resentment and jealously towards the AMWF Hapa jock bragging about his white gf giving him bjs. We even came to blows, probably in part because of my envy.

I wasn’t pro-AMWF Hapa, anti-WMAF Hapa at that point. Remember the article about how just throw a football at a Hapa and you can tell if hes AMWF or WMAF? Well, me and this guy, were living proof of that axiom. But I wasn’t exactly cheering on AMWF Hapas. I would have preferred him just being an Asian guy. I met his white mom. And then I went back to school, letting everyone know how disappointed I was, that my Colored Hero, was half white. I said I needed to search for a new non-white hero. The fact that his whiteness came from his mom’s side, didn’t redeem him. He was a jock much stronger than me. And we worked together over the summer. And we got into a shoving match. I considered it a great victory that I had “fought him to a draw”. I drove off blasting “Ever the Same” on my car radio.

I know these stories don’t make me look good. But they aren’t meant to. They are meant to show my thought process evolving over time, before I got to my current stance on what it means to be Hapa, and what the source of Hapa oppression is.

I’ve got yet another white guy inviting me back to Asia, to join him in exploiting the easiest, lowest standards girls in the world. These white guys all think its a big secret how easy they are. And they are revealing a hidden truth, that even Hapa losers in the West can do well in Asia. We know they are a race with no standards, thats why so many loser white nerds are creating Hapa sons. Hence our problems.

You know what? Maybe we Hapas should go on a trip to Asia. But the white guys will come to regret inviting us. We can go on a speaking tour across Asia, alerting billions of people, to the hellishness that WMAF has imposed on us. As Eurasians we can speak 1st hand to the hardship we endure as WMAF sons. If East Asians had any brains, this would be something worth investing in for them. There are hundreds of Eurasians in the West, ready to speak out about WMAF, if someone would only give them the opportunity. We could have a major impact on Asia, given the platform we are speaking from.

I’m so sick of WMAFs trying to propagandize us, all the virtues of Asian women. Its just another way, in which they are not a
relationship, but a dangerous, extremist political movement. What other relationship trys to recruit people into it? If I liked Redheads, I wouldn’t start a Redhead club, and write whole fucking essays on the virtues of Celtic Green eyed beauties.

According to Cali Hapa girl, Asian women are the same way in trying to recruit people into WMAF. They have their own little WMAF club, and they tried to bring her in. They used her as a trophy since she was a WMAF daughter. Asian women are always trying to tell other women, how bad Asian men are; and recruit more Asians into WMAF. And I guess since we Hapas are half-white we are being recruited towards Asian girls. The same way that Cali Hapa girl was recruited towards white men. It is incredibly disgusting. This perverted freak, tried to tell me how hot my 3/4 Asian daughters would be. I don’t want Asian daughters. But even if I did, I wouldn’t be one of these WMAF pervert incest freaks, sexualizing my own daughters. And this is exactly what WMAF does. It is very disgusting and vile, and the wider society should be ashamed for letting it happen.

Aw Hell. You got me so pissed off, you have me writing again. But their degeneracy really grinds my gears. I wouldn’t mind being Eurasian, if I could have nothing to do with WMAF, if we were just on totally separate pages. But thats impossible, I’m a WMAF son. And in hating WMAF as the worst evil in the world, sure it is self-hatred, since thats my very origins. This whole WMAF club, is all the more reason to hate them. Because WMAF wants to sell the worth of White males and Asian females to the world. And this is what trying to recruit us Hapa males is all about. Just like Asian women try to recruit Hapa girls to like white guys, as Cali Hapa girl will tell you. Its the WMAF club.

I tried to tell myself, that WMAF isn’t about me. After all, I like white girls, so why should I care what Asian girls do? Some full Asian guys, who don’t want to judge WMAF, try to look on the bright side and say its a good thing “more white girls for me”. That is naive. WMAF is about me. And these WMAF perverts trying to sell Asians to me, thats all part of their club. Their campaign, their political movement. Like I said, its not just a relationship. A relationship doesn’t need to recruit others to enjoy redheads. Its about putting down Asian men and western women. I can read between the lines. The reason Asian women are the easiest in the world, is because their ‘natural partners’ Asian men, are the worst men in the world, and so even a Hapa loser like me, could supposedly outcompete them in Asia. After all if white betas, can do it, why not Half-White betas? So you see WMAF is about destroying Asian men. Ensuring that they can date no one, including non-Asian women. WMAF is directly responsible for the lack of AMWF. Its an inverse relationship. WMAFs will tell white women not to date Asian men. And they will tell Hapas like me, to give up on white women and go for Asians.

Its always white guys telling Hapas, that we are so desired in Asia. Not the other half of the WMAF gruesome twosome. I’ve never seen Asian women say they are attracted to Hapas. Asian women either like full Asian men or they worship white men. The white-worshiping Asian women want OTHER Asian women to find Hapas attractive. They will say “Hapas are very attractive in Asia”. But they will never say “I’m attracted to Half-Asian men”. They can’t use attracted to and Asian in the same sentence. They want some other sucker fool to date their loser sons. But they are too smart for it, they are going for pure white. What kind of white-worshiper wants 3/4 Asian sons? WMAFs sell the idea that Eurasians are attractive. But they want some other sucker to be attracted to Hapas.

This is all part of their evil plan. And they are already making plans to go after my hypothetical daughters, who are never going to exist. I mostly lean towards my Asian looks, but the one place I consider myself white is with Asians. And as I regard WMAF as the greatest evil in the world, the last thing I would ever want is a WMAF of my own. I’m just not attracted to them, and this was the case even before I became enlightened on racial issues. If anything back in Middle School I was even more sexually racist. I had a crush on Jessica Alba, and then suddenly she was repulsive to me, when I found out she wasn’t white. This wasn’t a conscious ideology or anything, being non-white just ruined her for me. I just had it fixed from childhood that the only women who were women, were white girls. I don’t regret my childhood immaturity. Anymore than I regret being ashamed of being Asian in Elementary school. Being ashamed of having an Asian mom, and wanting to constantly sell my white side. Because these childhood instincts, were proven 100% right by my adult life. It was not silly of me to be ashamed to have an Asian mom. I will say whatever I want against Asian women, and I don’t consider it racist or sexist. Nothing I say against White Males can be racist; and the same goes for their allies and auxiliaries, which is what Asian women en masse have chosen to be. Criticizing Asian women is anti-racist and Feminist; since Asian women are nothing but a tool to keep down colored people and western women. White men who are attracted to Asia, are the most disgusting fiends in the world. And so I wont hold back from criticizing Asia, in that there must be something very wrong with Asia if it attracts the worst of the West. I used to see Asia as an alternative to the West, but I now see its rotten to the very core, because of all the white maggots and flies circling around it. I judge that the fruit is spoiled, from all the rancid flies.

I identify more with my Asian male side, since thats what I look like and thats what society treats me as. But now that I have seen actual pictures of WMAF sons and not fakes like Keanu Reeves and Dean Cain (with full white moms from 2 generations of AMWF). Now I see I’m not the most Asian-looking Hapa around. Yeah I’m on the Asian-leaning side, and there are certainly Hapas whiter looking than me. But there are plenty of Hapas who look practically full Asian. And its not like the white-looking Hapas turn out well. Some of the worst Hapa criminals don’t look very Asian. And that other Eurasian blogger, says he can practically pass for white. So its not like your rolling the dice on having a white-looking son. Since as of now, the worst incidents involving Hapas are more on the white-looking side. Its not just about physical looks, the psychology is a big deal too.

I probably didn’t even need to write this post on how bad WMAF is again. Since they do a good enough a job on their own of making themselves look horrible. The only ones who have ever tried to push me towards Asians, are my parents, and you anonymous WMAFs on the internet. While I have a lot to bash my white peers on, at least they always assumed if I was going to be dating anyone, it would be a white girl.

What is the purpose of this blog in the era of r/Hapas? When I 1st returned to this blog, I was in a period of extreme angst and despair. I’m still pretty down, but here I still am. I’m not sure if I really had much to add over anything I had written in 2011, but most of this blog was actually written in 2014. I doubled my posts since then. I did write a little more about my personal autobiographical issues. But the problem for a blog called Stuff Eurasians Likes, is that the more it becomes about SEL, the less it is about Eurasians. And that always was the goal of my critics from Day 1 wasn’t it? To reduce this to just being me. I have had a number of ideas of posts I could make about various Eurasian and personal issues, or better yet personal stories about being Eurasian. But the momentum of r/Hapas is such, that I’ve kinda taken a lazy “why bother?”; attitude that this blog is rather insignificant in an age in which r/Hapas has already absorbed all of my insights, and taken them even further. Anything I say about Hapas, would be tracking over old 2011 ground and be tame compared to some of the stuff on r/Hapas anyway.

For a long time, after I abandoned this blog 2011-2014 the comments section of SEML, served as a proto-forum in itself. And a lot of interesting discussions took place there without my presence. In that time, the comments section might very well have generated more text than my actual writings. And this played an important part in raising Eurasian consciousness, beyond my personal ventings as an individual. When I returned in 2014, I did my part in promoting the growth of r/Hapas. I believe it had already been linked in my comments section, before I even returned. But I did do a number of links to r/Hapas. When people were making a lot of personal attacks on me in 2014, I desperately appealed to them to look at r/Hapas, and see all the evidence that these are the problems of Eurasians as a race and not just me personally. Remember that at that stage in 2014, r/Hapas was nothing but links. r/Hapas has since become much more than that. And honestly I’m not sure if I have anything more to say when r/Hapas has said it all. At least on Eurasian issues I feel like r/Hapas and EurasianWriter have it covered.

Maybe if I feel like it, I will share more stories about me being Eurasian. Some of it could be of interest in seeing the road of how I got from there to here. Eurasian Writer gives me a lot of credit in getting the ball rolling for Hapas, and I thank him for that. Of course, I can’t take all the credit, and as the links from r/Hapas has shown there were Eurasians saying things similar to me long before 2011. But to take credit where its due, I was the 1st to put it in such a concentrated form and to give it a theoretical underpinning. Some guy from Urban Dictionary had already put it perfectly in 2010. The basic Hapa paradox. That WMAF is often very anti-Asian male, and yet to White society, we WMAF Hapa sons ARE Asian males. Thats the case in a nutshell, and theres not much you can say to refute it. You can deny WMAF is anti-Asian male, or you can deny that Hapas are treated as Asian males, but those are empirical questions. And thats why its a good thing that so many other Hapas have emerged to provide the facts on those questions.

One comment Eurasian Writer made that I really appreciated was, when I said something about him finding my blog in 2014, he said that no actually he had been reading it from the beginning in 2011. To the best of my knowledge he never commented in all that time, but he was taking it all in. And in 2014 he emerged as one of the greatest voices of Eurasians, picking up where i had left off, but with a renewed intensity. And so even though he was silent 2011-4, he was deeply affected, and would someday emerge as one of our greatest champions. And so this story, gives me confidence that there are other Eurasians out there, maybe not commenting or being actively engaged. But just being quiet lurkers reading and absorbing. And you never know, who they could be in the next few years. They might emerge as someone even more militant than the 2 of us. And now in 2015, they have so many more resources than they did in 2011. Its far from just me anymore. I’ve practically been pushed into the sidelines. Which is a good thing. In 2011 I was just saying we Eurasians have a problem. And that was a big deal back then. But in 2015, thats almost a given, and now there are so many conversations taking place on how to deal with the problem. Eurasians can’t be shoved under the rug anymore.

As far as coming to a solution, we are in some ways just as far away now as we were in 2011. But thats ok. As more and more Eurasians put their minds to this effort, I’m confident that we will come up with something. It is a complex issue, it gets on a lot of people’s nerves. You have to walk on tip toes, because otherwise you can say some very un-PC stuff that people will use against you. Even me, I’ve tried to be fair and moderate since, coming back, and I still get attacked as a lunatic, and lumped in with the most extreme of the bunch. So trying to play fair and be level-headed doesn’t win me much brownie points. Just broaching the issue makes you the enemy of some powerful interests. If I could sum up I would just say “don’t be racist against your own sons.” But of course that doesn’t close the conversation it just opens up a can of worms, on exactly that it means to be racist against your own sons.

So I might eventually return to this blog, and make some more substantive posts about my life and Eurasian issues. I have been pretty down and want to let it all out. But if I do feel, that its all been said already and theres not much for me to add, thats just a symptom of the success of Eurasians. It is far beyond me now. And thats a good thing. It shouldn’t be about me, it never should have been about me. So I’m glad I’m in the sidelines. Because this is a Eurasian issue, not a me issue. And maybe since Eurasian issues are being taken care of so well in other places, maybe I’ll feel more comfortable talking more about me as a Eurasian, and not the race in general. Ultimately the only Judge and Arbitrator can be the Eurasian People themselves. No one else. They have the reasoning, evidence, anecdotes. And they are the ones who will decide whether it speaks to their own life experiences. A large number of them have already voted that it does. And I believe that these views are grounded in the lived experiences of Eurasians, and that the vast majority will say it is True to them.

I don’t have all the answers to the problem, I just asked the questions and set forth the problem. But I believe that the Eurasian People as a whole, coming together to address these problems will find a way, will find an answer.


When I started this blog in 2011, a big sticking point for me, was you WMAFs all hate on Asian men, yet I’m an Asian-looking son of WMAF, so don’t you get how you’re tormenting your own sons? At that point, I would have very much put myself strongly in the more Asian looking side of Eurasians. Its true to many people, all they see in me is the Asian guy. But there are also many people who instantly see I’m mixed. And occasionally people who don’t see me as Asian at all. Mostly Latino though. I can only recall one incident where someone thought I was just white and were surprised that I was Asian. He thought I was an Italian. And this was during my famous blonde flirting of 2011, when I was behaving like a guido meathead. And so perhaps behavior can be just as influential in perceptions as phenotype.

Anyway this was at a time when I was comparing myself to the model Eurasians of Dean Cain Tanaka and Keanu Reeves. I believe even in 2011, I mentioned that Keanu wasn’t really a Eurasian, but I didn’t make a huge issue out of it. I’ve really come to hate Keanu Reeves. Nothing personal against him as an actor, but as WMAF disinformation hes become the bane of my existence. For the whole 21st century. I’ve constantly had him shoved in my face as the perfect Eurasian. Yes, compared to him I’ve an extremely Asian looking Hapa. But hes the wrong comparison. According to my last post hes 12% Asian, another source claims him as little as 3%, plus he has a full White mom. So yes compared to a 3% Asian, of course I’m going to be much more Asian looking. If I’ve accomplished one thing with this blog, hopefully none of you will ever mention Keanu Reeves again as a Eurasian.

As far as the White-Asian spectrum for Hapas goes, I would probably still put myself on the Asian-leaning side. But on a bell curve of the population I would put myself more at 57% rather than 75%. In the time since 2011, exploring the Hapa issue, I’ve had the opportunity to see what WMAF offspring really look like. And most of them are extremely Asian looking. As Asian as Obama is Black. The facial features are very Asian. And the defining characteristic of Asians, the slanted eyes. Very many Eurasians, have even more strongly slanted eyes than I do. They have the pure Asian eyes, of the Northeast Asians, the Koreans and Japanese. Its funny. This one time I was looking at myself in the mirror and I noticed the fold of my eyelids. And I said Thats it! Thats what makes me Asian. I have the fold, and the white roundeyes they don’t. But I was wrong. Its the exact opposite. And all the South Koreans spend thousands just go get that fold. The fold makes you less Asian. And I notice that quite a few of the Eurasian mixes, don’t have that fold. There was that disgusting Asian woman on Facebook, bragging about how white her Eurasian baby was. And to me he looked like a pure Asian boy. Far more Asian looking that my baby pictures. So the Asian women who most worship white men, have sons who look much more Asian than me.

On some level this Eurasian business is an empirical question. If Eurasian children came out looking like little whites, then maybe this wouldn’t be a problem. And certainly WMAF wishes their children would be white. If it turns out however, that the vast majority of Eurasians look strongly Asian, then all the arguments I’ve made about Hapa problems, they all follow. I would still place myself on the more Asian leaning side of the Hapa population. But having reconsidered the issue, having actually seen the pictures of WMAF sons, I would say that I’m by no means an outlier. And if there are many Eurasians who are whiter looking than me, there also many who are even more Asian looking me. Eurasians look Asian, and even more importantly than the phenotype, they are treated by White Society as Asian. And if that fact is proved, then everything else I have claimed, follows naturally.

IF Eurasians are identified as Asian, by most of White Society, then everything I say follows as an inevitable consequence.

Amy Chua wrote her infamous article “Why Chinese mothers are superior” and as the Tiger Mom she became the defining voice for White America of Chinese and Asian-American culture. I disgaree with universalizing the WMAF experience into somehow speaking for all Asians. I think WMAF speaks for WMAF. And the Tiger Mom experience specifically relates to how WMAF parents raise their Hapa kids. Likewise I wrote an article in 2011 “White moms love their children, Asian moms hate their Tiger Kids”. This article was likewise interpreted as applying
universalizing to all white and Asian women. Although I only intended it to apply to white and Asian moms raising Eurasian children. Obviously White Moms, married to Asian dads, and raising Hapa kids is a tiny minority, and can’t be considered typical of the white population.

However as a subgroup, I have noticed at least from polling my blog comments, that white moms actually care about the feelings of their Hapa sons, while Asian moms coolly dismiss it. A White dad from Halfsigma posting here, find something to praise in the Oriental female character, in her steely determination to ignore feelings, while the white mom embodied the decadence of the West, by caring about children’s emotions. As a person, I felt bad troubling these brave white women, who get enough hate for marrying the most despised race of men. But as an empiricist, this just added more data to my studies in the difference between WMAF and AMWF child-raising.

The complete and total failure of WMAF sons as a population is one of the most covered up stories in the world today. I don’t want to sound like a tinfoil hat conspiracist, but it really does seem like there was a deliberate disinfo campaign to use Keanu Reeves and Dean Cain Tanaka with their full white moms, as the posterboys for WMAF couples. Now all the dirty secrets about WMAF families are coming out, and WMAF couples are mad as hell about it, aggressively attacking any Hapa sons who speak out. WMAF is always bragging about how they are the richest, most common coupling. This is supposed to prove that they are normal nay superior. Lets accept these facts. The fact that wealth, education, and numbers has failed to produce a single Eurasian success story is a striking blow against them.

Poor Wilkes McDermid was a Eurasian son driven insane by the interracial dating disparity. In a way documenting the vast gulf between AMWF and WMAF sons is honoring Wilkes legacy. He was a Eurasian who made his public suicide driven into despair by the cruelty of his WMAF birth. Some people think its ridiculous to be driven to suicide by internet dating disparities. But if you are told your entire life your manhood is worthless, why live? If its not an official study, then you will just dismiss it as anecdotes. It has always been my impression, in spite of any official stats, that the WMAF to AMWF disparity was 100:1. I never actually counted. Wilkes McDermid actually counted, and invited his friends to come with him to count. The ratio he got was 99:1. I believe him. He is dead, he has no reason to lie. And his London observations match what I’ve seen personally in America. With a 100:1 advantage in population for WMAF, what does it mean that there is a 100:1 advantage for AMWF in celebrities and success stories? Does it mean that an AMWF son is 1000 times superior to a WMAF son?

Then these WMAF apologists will make excuses why its impossible to name a single success. They will claim there are so few WMAF couples around. So few Eurasians. Yeah, and other times they brag that they are the most common, most rich couple, to make themselves seem normal. With all that money and numbers you can’t make a single son of note? Only when naming success stories are WMAF numbers tiny. When all the deranged, criminal, psychotic Eurasians of the past year are named, then this is just a drop in the bucket out of the millions of millions of WMAF sons. When asked to name good WMAF Hapas, there are only a few hundred in the world apparently. And what about AMWF? If anyone is rare, tiny in numbers, it is AMWF. So why is it possible to name successful AMWF sons? My point is not to make a pissing contest between AMWF and WMAF sons. Rather this is evidence about how the abusive nature of the WMAF relationship dooms all WMAF sons to failure. The world needs to know this. It enrages me, that all this is going on in 2015 America, and the world turns a blind eye to it. Its a big deal what WMAF couples are doing to their Eurasian sons.

Why is it that white mothers are capable of loving their-half Asian sons, and identifying with their Asian issues, while Asian mothers, who are freaking Asian themselves, are unable to do this for their sons?

The dirty dark secrets of WMAF families could not be kept secret forever. Eurasian boys are all grown up now, and they are speaking out in record numbers. The momentum is growing. People are noticing.

I wish I could just have a neutral observer here, not a white or Asian, maybe a white woman or Black person. Someone with no skin in the game. Let them look at all the evidence and judge. Are we Eurasians crazy or do we have a case? IMHO any good faith neutral observer looking at the data, would have to concede we have a major Eurasian crisis on our hands. The more white men and Asian women attack their own children in public, the more their true ugliness is being displayed for the whole world to see.

Its ironic that in some of my recent posts I have actually found myself in the position of actually defending my WMAF parents somewhat, in explaining that no they are not the stereotypical bad WMAF couple. I guess to some extent this is a mark of how things have changed. Eurasian issues are very much in the air now. And the arguments of this blog and others have sunk in. People are realizing just how toxic WMAF couples are and the impact this has on their children. And compared to what other Eurasians are now saying, I’ve become actually something of the centrist-moderate. I don’t think this is because of any change or mellowing or softening on my part. If you go back to my 2011 posts, you will find old posts saying the exact same thing. And I think its important that clear lines be drawn on this issue, not just for personal reasons, but to understand the Hapa phenomenon as a sociological trend.

I have read the blogs and comments, of those who do come from the stereotypically bad, classic WMAF couples. Its pretty heart-wrenching, and the results are what you would expect from the offspring of a relationship that hates them. These Eurasians have a powerful role to play in giving testimony against the crimes of their parents. However it is to easy for a WMAF couple to then say, well thats not me. I’m one of the good ones. I’m sorry you had terrible, shitty, parents, but its wrong of you to blame all WMAF couples for the experiences of your parents as individuals. And thats why its important to me to state clearly, that no it is you bad WMAF couples who have made me hate my parents. Where my parents, do in anyway adhere to WMAF tropes, I have not been shy about exposing them on this blog, and airing all of our family dirty laundry. There aren’t all that many skeletons. And I hold them to a very high standard of political correctness, calling them out for even implicitly racist assumptions. In their defense, this is a very high standard that few people could probably meet. Imagine having political-level coverage, inside your own home 24/7, seizing on the racist implications of any statement you make in privacy.

So yeah, for the Hapa children of bad, racist, sexist, WMAF couples, there will always be “Good” WMAF couples, saying they are being unfairly tarred. And this brings me to the larger point of this post which is the racist Tourette’s of these “good” WMAF couples. I’m referring to those WMAF defenders and apologists, who post on the comments section here and on other Hapa sites. These WMAFs have every incentive to show themselves in the best possible light. As its all anonymous, all they have to do is not be racist for 2 paragraphs, and they can at least appear to be decent people who just happen to have intermarried. But this simple, easy standard, it has been impossible for any WMAF couple to meet. Its really shocking. And this is them on their best behavior, trying to pretend that their relationship is based on colorblind live and not racism and sexism. They are trying to prove they can be good parents to Half-Asian children. And yet these degenerates can’t go 2 seconds, without dropping extremely offensive, racist, sexist, outrages. And this is them on their best behavior trying to prove they are not racist but just starcrossed lovers. It amazes me. Every single WMAF apologist, without fail, will drop some extremist, racist, imperialist, colonialist, sexist, far right statement, while they are trying to prove the exact opposite. At this point, its so against their own self-interest that it seems almost like a pathology. A racist sexist Tourette’s syndrome. If this is them showing their best public face to political correctness, one can only imagine what monsters they are off screen. And these are the parents of Eurasian kids. They can’t type 2 lines, without extreme racism against their own children.

Just for once, it would be nice if there was a genuinely decent white guy, who just happened to meet a woman, who happened to be Asian, and there wasn’t any sexism, imperialism, racism involved. But at least on the internet that seems utterly impossible. White men who like Asian women, seem unable to control their racist Tourette’s. They can’t go 2 seconds, without going on a rant against western women and people of color. It amazes me. And its not to say its all clear sailing for the decent white guy. I consider my parents to basically be in that category, and yet I’m the one who started this freaking blog. The racial and sexual categories do matter irregardless of individuals. But WMAF couples seem to be unable to muster an ounce of decency on the individual level. They are incredible hypocrites when they attack the Hapa sons of “bad parents”, since they are the textbook example of the bad couple themselves. At this point a “good” decent, colorblind WMAF couple is a purely theoretical concept, a unicorn. At least on the internet, which seems to bring out the worst in people. But its not like WMAF is bad online, but happy and shiny in real life. These are the views of offline WMAF couples.

It wasn’t my intention to demonize all WMAF couples. I wanted to say that if your relationship is based on racism and sexism against your own children, you are a monster, and you are going to have big problems. But the longer my blog remains online, the more comments I get, the more public Eurasian problems become, the more I see that the overwhelming majority of WMAF couples really are monstrous. Based on the worst trash of 21st century society. The type of pure undiluted racism and sexism, you thought was left behind in 1945. A new type of sexualized racism, that traditional narratives of black-white racism are not fit to cover. There is a bit of a generation gap in that their Hapa kids are still young and can’t talk back to them yet. Although for some weird reason, there are a lot of young Asian moms posting online about how their toddler Eurasian sons already hate them. But that aside, for the most part it is the Eurasians born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, a period from which the Eurasian population doubles, who are just coming of age now, and beginning to come to grips with the hell they are in. It is an exciting time, but a tragic time, don’t be surprised by the extreme bitterness that is going to come out of them. I encourage any skeptics, to not take my word for it. Do a little googling on your own and see what WMAF couples are about. And then ask if its so shocking that Eurasians are so full of deep psychological issues.