A whole generation of Asian-American women writers have defined Asian identity through their Joy Luck Club imitation knock offs. Now at last the long awaited sequel has emerged the Boy Luck Club. If the Amy Tans wrote of the revolt of Yellow Feminism, in alliance with White MRA Husbands, against Asian Patriarchy. Now their sons are writing of their revolt against Tiger Mom. The rebels have become the Dragon Queens, and are facing new rebels in turn. The cycles of the Mandate of Heaven. The torch has been passed to a brave new generation. These Asian women are old hags now, and with youthful energy their Eurasian offspring are seizing the microphone out of their hands to be the new voice of Asian-America. I’m not saying its right for half-whites to speak for Asian-America. But it has been passed as hereditary property. The last generation of Asian-Americans was ruled by Asian women married to white men. And so its only natural that their Eurasian children inherit the dragon throne.

With all the talk of heroines revolting against Confucian patriarchy, Asian-Americans are the most matriarchal race in America. Ruled under the iron heel of the Dragon Lady, Tiger Mom. What other race has universally females as their face representing them in politics, civil rights activism, law, art, literature, culture, news, television, media etc? Whenever an Asian-America is called to speak on any issue, it is always a woman. A Feminist study critiques the fact that men are overrepresented in television, for all races except Asians of course. Except Asians could be the corollary to all sociological studies. Asian-America is ruled under the iron fist of the the Tiger Mom and her white husbands. When Donald Trump wants to understand the sneaky Chinese mind he turns to a whole list of fiction and non-fiction written by Asian women and their white husbands. When George W. Bush wants to understand Asian history, he turns to Jung Chang and her white husband. When White America wants to understand the
“traditional” Chinese family, they turn to Amy Chua and her white husband. All these women are old hags now. Its time for their Hapa children to speak.

When we Hapas were still young and in our diapers. When our moms could still point to the miracle of a “cute baby” and not the embarrassing gaping absence of cute Hapa adult men. Asian women tried to speak for their Eurasian children the same way they have spoken for Asian men. Asian women post baby pictures for their Hapa sons, and even write dialogue for their sons, about how they have personalities just like mommy. Asian-American women novelists wrote stories of their Eurasian children being bridges between worlds. But now we Hapas are all grown up and we have seized the microphone right out of mommy’s hands. Eurasians are speaking for themselves, and this scares the shit out of white men and Asian women. The alliance of White MRAs and Yellow Feminism has been exposed. They tried to play both sides. Asian women sold WMAF as liberal and feminist, while white men sold WMAF as conservative and anti-feminist. Now they are collapsing on both fronts. Both Feminist and White Nationalist women are shinning a light on WMAF tyranny. They tried to be all things to all people, now they are collapsing on all sides.

Eurasians are the rebels now. Once our moms rebelled against their traditional Confucian parents, now we are rebelling against them. They have given us a bully pulpit. It is a great irony, that now that so many insane Eurasians are hitting the news, Asian women are doing more than anyone to draw attention to it. They are saying that Eurasian sons are an important part of the Asian-American community, and that the crisis of their sons, is a crisis that the entire Asian-American community needs to face. There is article after article by Asian women about the insanity of Eurasian sons, and how all Asians need to deal with this crisis. They are the ones who want to make their sons the posterboy for Asian-America. But they aren’t going to like what Eurasians have to say.

I don’t need an Asian-American woman novelist to speak for me, and write a book with me as a character, a puppet on her strings following her script. I can speak for myself. And more and more Hapas are hitting their late teens and early 20s and also speaking up now. No longer will they hide behind Tiger mommy’s skirt and let her do the talking for them. Its all bubbling to the surface now. The dark secrets of the WMAF family, all the dirty laundry is being aired.

It is fitting that Eurasians are the creation of women novelists. Because Eurasians are an idea that looks good on paper, but doesn’t work in reality. When faced with the overwhelming evidence of Hapa failure, the response is always it SHOULD work. These are the 2 best, most intelligent races mating, only good things should come out of it, empirical facts be damned. Hapas were fine when they were characters in Asian-American literature. Now that we are writing our own stories, our parents don’t like where this story is going to end.


Even more so then when I began this blog, I have become more convinced than ever through an overwhelming data vomit of evidence that the White male Asian female coupling is a relationship of pure evil. That everything that can possibly be bad about the male and female character is united together in the relationship from hell of WMAF. IDK if this applies to every last WMAF couple in the world, but certainly any white guy on the internet who posts about his Asian wife, under any circumstances, is always vile. Why should I even care? White women I actually like. But Asian women have taken on the form of demonic satanic succubi for me. If the most evil women in the world want to hook up with the most evil men in the world, I shouldn’t lose any sleep over it. I’m not crying or White Knighting over poor, innocent, Asian victims being manipulated or taken advantage of by evil White PUAs. No, Asian women, are more demonic succubi than actual women to me at this point. Why should I care?

Yeah, its a shame that these evil couplings are creating Eurasian kids. And thats why it should be no mystery to anyone, on why every single Eurasian son in history has been a failure. Why WMAF couples have to steal AMWF sons as part of their disinfo. Why WMAF couples began a whole disinfo campaign about Keanu Reaves and Dean Cain Tanaka being WMAF sons, despite both having pure white moms. I’m not the savior of the Eurasian race, although perhaps at times I have written as though I have. I’ve reached a fairly large audience at this point. Anyone googling on Hapa issues can relatively easily find me. Hapas are on their own and will have to decide themselves whether they are for or against their parents. I’m not exactly a neutral fly on the wall in this battle, as I’ve done much to define the contrary Hapa voice. But ultimately I can only lead Hapas to water, can’t make them drink. The vast majority of Hapas seem to agree with me. Some sign on 100%. But what intrigues me more, is that even the Hapas who most militantly disagree, don’t deny my facts. They admit that being Hapa is terrible. And some of them have stories much more awful than my own. The only difference is they believe in positive thinking and moving passed the bitterness. But the point is, that while white guys try to deny my voice, even my Hapa opponents admit that being Eurasian is hellish.

I’ve got to stop driving myself insane with these WMAF issues. Look if the most evil men and women, want to get together, let them torture each other. And as for the innocent Hapa kids they bring into their sadism. Well, Hapas will have to find their own voice. I’ve done more than my share. Its not my job to save every Hapa in the world from his own parents. When he hits his teens, and starts becoming aware of these issues, he’ll figure it out for himself. As someone who has repeatedly said my own parents are relatively benign, I would think that the children of stereotypical WMAF couples would figure it out more quickly than me, since its staring them in the face. Pop culture and the internet played a big role in me coming to these ideas. Honestly, if my parents were the only WMAF couple in the world, which for many years it felt like, then I’d have never come to such rage. This is due to WMAF as a sociological fact, not my parents personally.

So this is my way of making peace with hell. If satanic males and females want to get together to share their common interest in torturing babies, let them enjoy each others demonic company. As for the Eurasian kids enslaved by these sick perverts. Let Eurasians find their own voice, let them do something about it. And since WMAF couples seem like the worst type of Tiger parents, who long to live vicariously through their cute Hapa babies, before they are even born. The horrific track record of Eurasian failure, seems like genetic just deserts. Even if not so fun to be an instrument of Nature’s humor.

I’m overdosing on empathy. I don’t mean this to trumpet my own horn as some kind of Saint. What is my greatest weakness? I care too much.

No, I’m using empathy in a purely technical term without any moral connotations. Harkening back to the original German etymology of empathy from Einfühlung (“feeling into”). I think that is the problem I’m feeling into too much. Putting myself in hypothetical shoes. And extremely tight painful shoes at that. The empathy I feel is towards the children of Bad WMAF. The classic white nazi anti-feminist dad and self-hating castrating Tiger Mom. For the most part I don’t feel my parents fall into this in anyway. They aren’t perfect, they have WMAF privilege, and I have not been shy about calling them out viciously whenever they the least bit exploit these privileges. But they are not the classic WMAF stereotype of the media, Hollywood, history, statistics, anecdotes, novels, celebrities, history, the internet etc. But in my overdose of empathy, all I can do is see myself as the Eurasian son of all those nasty couples. What it must feel like to have parents like that. And thats why I get so enraged over it. How dare you talk like that about Asian men, when your own Half-Asian son, will have to endure that life. It is though I became the son of every single WMAF couples in the world. Every single discussion about WMAF or Hapas became about me personally. It was as though I were the incarnation of every single Hapa in the world.

I started blogging again around Thanksgiving. And despite playing devil’s advocate about the pros of my situation. I couldn’t think of anything to be thankful for. I acknowledged yes, there are plenty of times and places which were worse than my own. But living in the 1st world, there was no race worse to be than a WMAF son. And no sophisms could change that. That was my frame of reference comparing Eurasians to all other races. Well, here is another frame of reference. Comparing me as an individual to all other Eurasians. In this r/Hapas has cheered me up. Misery loves company. I don’t want to say that I feel superior in anyway to the Hapas who suffer there. But I acknowledge that I have not experienced the same degree of racism from either my parents, peers, or society in general as expressed there. They really make it sound like being Eurasian in America today is like being a Black in 1920s Alabama. They are constantly taunted and even physically assaulted. What got me, is that these comments were not even coming from one of the “Woe is me” bitter Hapas. No, these were the positive, chin up, Hapas. The ones saying cheer up, its not that bad. Oh sure, I got called Chink and Gook all the time, rejected by girls who openly hated Asians, and jumped by racist classmates. But really guys being Hapa isn’t that bad. Sure my parents, were the classic WMAF couple who hated Asian men. But we don’t need to be dwelling on our misery.

Now I don’t agree with that level of turn the other cheek positivity. But it does put my own pain in perspective. Many Eurasians have had it much worse than me. The very fact, that what I say about Eurasians as a race is true, actually makes my own personal situation look better in perspective. I’v very thin-skinned about racism and not one to laugh off a joke. And yet, even I must admit that the racism I experienced has been relatively mild compared to these other Hapas. I’ve never been called a racial slur in my entire life, which seems to be a daily experience for these Hapas. I’ve never had any racist experiences with Asian women. I’ve never had a white girl reject me openly based on race. With each individual rejection, I felt I was being rejected respectfully as an individual person. I didn’t feel at the time that race played any role. It is only mulling over statistics in aggregate, that I begin to feel that subconscious hatred of Hapas, must have been driving rejection behind the scenes. Its weird that me with my negative attitude has had much less negative experiences than the Hapas trying to have a positive attitude. The Hapas saying “its not that bad” have had worse racism than me.

The other thing that got to me, is that some of these Hapas might belong to supposedly “privileged” categories. For example even the self-described white-looking Eurasians, have experienced much more direct open racism for their Asian features than I an Asian-looking Hapa has. I have never pretended that Hapa girls have it easy, like the “Abort your sons and its all good” crowd. But I have kind of felt that Hapa guys get more hate, the same way Asian guys get more hate. And anti-Hapa girl racism, is more the sexual fetishization variety of racism reserved for females. But no, the Eurasian girls described openly hostile aggressive racist bullying, that we might associated with boys. People just yelling out racial slurs at them on the playground. There is nothing fetishizing about that. Its just violent racial bullying like Hapa boys get.

I’m not saying the situation is good for Hapas, in fact I’m saying its terrible. But in a way that does put my own situation in perspective. So much of my fear of racism, is almost like preemptive reaction. I know racism is coming and so I’m fighting back before it even happens. But for so many of these Hapas its not a future contingent possibility or a hypothetical or sociological data, it theirs personal experiences and childhood memories. And the few racist incidents I endure seem relatively mild, compared to the bombardment they suffer under. I got a reputation as one of the most bitter Eurasian blogger, at least until some friendly competition has been emerging over the last year. But it seems like I have endured some of the least racism of any Hapa, at least compared to the Hapas who post at r/Hapas. Even the white-looking Hapas all talk about how girls openly tell them, they don’t like Asians. And I’ve been rejected plenty of times, any I’ve never felt in person that I was not being respected as a human being. Its only looking at sociology, that I feel that subconsciously it must have been statistical racism. Nothing is settled here, but I do appreciate having lived one of the least racist Eurasian lives possible. I’m not saying “its not that bad”. All my complaints about my own life still stand, their lives are just worse. They are the ones with the horror stories.

I don’t want to make it into “Eurasian World Problems”, oh those Hapas have it much worse than me, therefore I should be grateful for what I have and shut up. But yeah, even the white-looking Hapas, that I’m kind of jealous of, describe getting more hate for their Asianess than even I get.

I do feel empathy for the Hapas born out of the classically racist WMAF, even if they are not me. But ultimately that is going to be their own personal battle. I think it is reprehensible for parents to do that to their child, but thats going to be their battle. Just by having this blog, bringing up Eurasian issues, I’ve done all I can for them. The Eurasian genie is out of the bottle and these currents are very much in the air now. They are the ones who are going to suffer the most, not me. And I wish them the best, but I can’t and wont live their lives for them, and theres no point mentally torturing myself as though I’m.

In the same day I can go whiplashing between 2 opposite extremes on the Eurasian issue. I can feel myself calming down, and feeling maybe I’m a little too harsh on my parents, just because they belong to a category with a lot of bad apples. But then on some random corner of the internet or media, where I thought I was safe, I will have the ugliest aspects of WMAF shoved in my face, and I will rage. How do I balance my desire to separate myself from the whole world of WMAF, with the extreme viciousness displayed by them?

One of the points I’m repeatedly emphasized is that old habits of White-Black binary oppositions don’t work for White-Asian issues. Its much more complex and multivaried. Hence, I’m often attacked for racism, by those seeing race in those traditional terms, as I try to untangle the web. So lets stop looking at WMAF as a binary opposition between evil WMAFs and good-leaning WMAFs. I consider my own parents to be among good-leaning WMAFs, but its hard for me to admit that there are any good WMAFs, when the structural racism of the bad ones corrupts them all. Why are there so many more “good” WMAFs than good AMWFs? These couplings don’t happen in one direction by accident. And so even if not subjectively malicious, there is definitely objective WMAF privilege in even the best of them.

Instead of Good WMAF vs Bad WMAF, lets look at it as a continuum. On one extreme lets hold the openly evil, racist, sexist, satanic WMAF. These couples actually do exist, and in rather large numbers. On the other hand are good-leaning WMAFs. Basically decent people, not perfect. Perhaps actively anti-racist to varying degrees. But still ultimately profiting from WMAF privilege. But its not either/or. The vast majority of WMAF is in the middle somewhere inbetween. Its my perception that the WMAF center leans much more towards the evil than good-leaning side. But they might not have the pure sadistic satanism as displayed by some WMAFs in my comments sections. Most WMAF couples lean towards, racism and sexism, but not with the fiery honesty of the most vicious of them. If the WMAF numbers lean overwhelming towards the bad side, what impact does this have on the good-leaning ones? Should what extent should they be judged for the crimes of their category? These are difficult issues, and deeply personal to me, as they directly impact how I treat my own family.

Why am I so bothered by evil WMAFs, how does it affect me? Suppose hypothetically all Black women hated Asian men. If Black women were known to especially despise Asians, and had a bunch of blogs about how disgusting Asian men were. Its never good to be attacked, but it wouldn’t cut so deep as WMAF attacks do. I don’t have any interest in Asian women, so why do their attacks mean so much? Well, part of the reason is races are just naturally paired together. This is
caricatured as patriarchal Asian men “owning” their women. But the truth is the opposite, de facto every other race of men “owns” their women accept Asians. Even WMAFs will rely on the trope that Asian men and women were “made for each other”, and thats why both have the smallest parts. In that sense Asian women hating Asian men, is a much more powerful message to the world than Black women would be. Now I wish the genders of a race were not associated with each other. If as a Eurasian male, I had nothing to do with Asian women, that would be wonderful. But thats not the case. For better or for worse the 2 sexes of each race are paired together. And since Asian women are the only women at the dance complaining about their partner, it sends a loud message to all men and women, that Asian men are the worse. And of course evil WMAFs are quite open in explicitly and loudly stating this implicit message.

And then these same WMAF couples go onto have kids, and WMAF issues become Hapa issues. Its a pretty ugly situation all around. And I wish more neutral, objective observers would take a good hard look at the issues I’m gesturing at, instead of just demonizing me as racist and insane. Look I’d love to see races break down, and us to become a big rainbow race. I once bought the lie that race-mixing helped undermine racism. But these just aren’t the facts on the ground. WMAF is quite clearly a power relationship based on domination. And no one suffers from it more than the Eurasian children. In an ideal world, races wouldn’t mean anything and there be tons of WMAF and AMWF. And not just White-Asians mixing as the “2 best races”, but all kinds of mixes with the rainbow. And while there wouldn’t be any strict 1:1 quota in mixings, the digressions would be based on random drift, and not structural power relations. As WMAF to AMWF is happening now, with an observed 100:1 ratio, it very much is about power, sexism, racism, and not rainbow love. I hope my readers can look into these specific issues, and not just write me off as a hater against mixing.

Lets wrestle with these Eurasian issues. On the one hand I would like to put them behind me and forget about it. But there is no in front of me anymore. I see no hope in my life, and Hapa issues are the elephant in the room. Yes, Hapa issues depress me and get me down. But my whole life is down. We can say that Hapa issues are not a distraction from my other pursuits, but that all other pursuits are a distraction from Hapa issues. It is hopeless trying to self-censor myself and not come back to this blog. And theres no point in making it a battle of wills, since my self-discipline is utterly broken, now that I have nothing to hope for in this horrid world.

Is being Eurasian the be all end all? My personal flaws and the flaws of the race are not mutually incompatible. As I said last post, if we made a Venn diagram of stereotypically Asian traits and loser traits, there would be a perfect overlap. So lets say that being Half-Asian imposes a strict bamboo ceiling on my best possible life. Now I’m on the floor, in the basement. At the absolute bottom of human well-being and flourishing. Life has become hateful to me. Given the garbage cards I was dealt in life, could I have played them better? I will concede that its possible my life could have been marginally better. But I could also have made worse choices and made my life worse. I think the bamboo ceiling is pretty low. Back in 2009 I used to debate with myself whether life in 2009 was worth living. And my devil’s advocate could definitely score a few debating points over myself. If you can accept the culture and system, there is a lot to enjoy as an average or even below average American man in the 21st century. And it was these debates with myself that convinced me to give life another chance, when I was on the brink of suicide. But I was a victim of my own success. By entirely swallowing and absorbing the values of American culture, it was impossible to ignore the racial aspect. And so I wrote this blog in 2011, just as I was making my best effort to integrate into the mainstream.

If the best argument of 2010 was “life as an average American male isn’t that bad” the argument of 2015 is “life as an average
Asian/Eurasian male is TERRIBLE”. When I look at the life of the average Asian-American male, even if he has achieved middle class status, economically, I see nothing to envy. I don’t want to live that life. And this is where WMAF comes in. As I see WMAF couples as both instigators of and profiters from Asian male emasculation. And then they create Half-Asian sons who have to live in this world. Well thats the Hapa Paradox that is at the heart of this blog. I think a large amount of WMAF couples are loudly and proudly based on open racism against Asian males and sexism against Asian females. And you can google these creeps up yourself, if you want to see the background to Hapa males. Now maybe they are just a loud, militant minority. But their hateful words ring true to me, since its perfectly in line with the trends and actions of “mainstream” WMAF couples. There is a big crisis in our hands. And whats the best case scenario for a WMAF couple? At best they are not openly racist, but still ignore the problems their Half-Asian sons might suffer. It might not even be intentionally malicious. Anti-Asian racism isn’t de jure to the same extent anti-Black racism was in the 1950s. So to someone who is not a Half-Asian son, it might seem like he is just thin skinned and hypersensitive. Since these are largely cultural issues. Why complain about the lack of Asian rappers and basketball players when Asians are the highest income group? My white dad asked me.

For my white dad, it seems silly for me to be angsting out over lack of Asian male movie stars. But it does matter. Look at the gay rights movement “It Gets Better”. It has gotten better for gays, in my lifetime I’ve seen a revolution in gay rights. What was the cause? “Liberal Hollywood brainwashing” normalizing the behavior. To an extent that is true, but not as sinister as conservatives would make it out to be. The media over the last few decades has done a lot to show gays as just regular human beings. To humanize them. Once gays are just regular people, its hard to hate them. Compare and contrast that with the progress Asian men have made in the media over the last decade. It is hard to name a single character who was a fully developed human being. And I do think it makes a big difference. If having prominent sympathetic characters and celebrities builds empathy, I think decades of bombardment of asexual, nerdy, Asian enemy clowns has accomplished the opposite. Asian men are more than ever mere insects or robots. Completely subhuman. And this has eradicated my psyche. It is hard for me to even think of myself as human anymore, and I eschew all human contact. This Hermit Kingdom isolation has backfired, in that rather than freeing me from mental pollution, I obsess more than ever over being Hapa. And the internet is even nastier than the people I knew in real life.

Being half-Asian makes me feel less than human. I feel that US society sees me as less than human. When people are shocked by how wide the AMWF to WMAF gap, for me the real miracle is that AMWF even happens at all, when Asian men are not even human in US society. To be an AMWF is to revolt against a whole cultural apparatus. This is why it is to the infinite eternal shame of WMAF that they have to baby-snatch successful Eurasian celebrities from the sons of full white mothers. No Asian mother will ever raise a successful Eurasian celebrity.

How do I deal with this issues? I have no incentive to try, since the life of the average Asian man, hold zero appeal to me. I have no reason to strive for it. And I’m under no illusions that I will be some above average Super Eurasian that breaks down barriers.

I feel that being part Asian makes me less than human in American culture. And I resent my own parents for being a WMAF couple, which I see as both symptom and cause of Asian dehumanization. My parents created me to be a human being, and took away my humanity in a single act. They might not have maliciously intended any harm, but the bad apples have spoiled the bunch. And there are tons of WMAF bad apples, which lead me to see them as a truly vile coupling. It is just impossible to have the level of empathy for another race of males, that is necessary to be a parent to a Eurasian son. Can my parents, even with the best intentions, ever feel what I feel? No, they can’t. And if they want to pretend that being Asian male is identical to being white male in USA, then all communication between us must necessarily break down.

But what can even the best of WMAF do? Suppose a WMAF couple read my blog and were totally convinced by my arguments and genuinely wanted to do their best to advance the interests of their Eurasian son. Some WMAF bloggers do pretend to speak like that. Maybe a Chang Johnson leads some Asian-American civil rights organization. I read a piece by a WMAF Asian mom trying to convince white women to give Asian men a chance. But as many comments told her, it was impossible to take her seriously, when her own actions spoke so much louder than her words. What could a genuinely progressive anti-racist WMAF couple do to help their half-asian son? Even, with the best of intentions- nothing.

Its a sad world Hapa men live in. And we are too isolated to even find each other and build communities. We are all on our own. To even find this blog, a Eurasian man would have to already be half-way to my conclusions, if he was already defining himself by his mixed status and seeking out resources. Most Eurasian men probably just take the stance advocated by my commentators. “I’m a personal failure and loser, it has nothing to do with my race”. Unless they are searching, they wont find out, that there are so many WMAF sons out there exactly like them. Its not a coincidence that so many Hapa guys end up in the same place.

What is one good thing about being Eurasian? The answer I most frequently get are variations on “at least you are not a disgusting full Asian, they are the lowest of the low”. But because of the 1-drop rule, I’m treated by White Society as a disgusting full Asian, I’m the lowest of the low. And so your negative compliment is just a straight insult. The one good thing about being Eurasian, is that you are the worst race of males. I did an entry on the “Uncanny Valley” on why being “better” than the worst race of males, wasn’t any advantage. There was also a blog entry by Bitter Halfie Man, who explained that he had no advantage in getting Asian or Hapa girls over full Asian men. He said it was a purely theoretical advantage, since any Asian girl who admired his white traits, could easily get a full white guy. The same logic of course applies to girls of any race.

Its not just about girls, sex, relationships. Even just walking down the street, I always see social groups congregating together based on race, culture, ethnicity. Humans are a naturally tribal species. They form in and out groups. And every time I see friends of all the same race hanging out together in even the most diverse areas. Its a punch in the stomach. A reminder that Hapas have no tribe, and will always be the permanent outgroup for this most tribal species of ape.

There has been a lot of heated controversy at
http://www.reddit.com/r/hapas/ over some comments TCOMD made there. My blog has been dragged into this, as many people often casually confuse us and TCOMD has requested that I weigh in and differentiate us. My blog has generally been self-contained in its own little solipsistic world, and I generally haven’t directly acknowledged trends outside my blog. While I regarded the emergence of new eurasian blogs as a step forward, I haven’t commented on them myself. But since the confusion is now causing difficulties, I think it is necessary that I directly confront our differences.

Me and TCOMD are very different people, and while we have superficial similarities in both being Eurasian men angry at our parents, we have lived entirely different lives. To call us the same, is just another variant on all Asians look alike, in this case all Eurasian write alike. If anything you could say that we started on opposite extremes of the spectrum, and have now met in a Eurasian middle. Now it is true that we have both carefully read each other’s blogs, so there has been some influence in both directions. TCOMD says that he was initially influenced by the paleoconservative views of his white dad, and initially identified with the cause of the white man. My blog influenced him in seeing his issues as specifically Eurasian issues, tied into the circumstances of his birth. I had essentially left my blog behind in 2011 as a completed project. Contrary to the impression that SEML was written during depression, it was actually written during the happiest most social period of my life. I closed the book on SEML in 2011 and tried to move on with my life. These projects had totally petered out by 2013. But rather than coming back to SEML in my new despair, I still left it alone as a closed book. There were a number of factors that influenced me coming out of retirement in 2014. But among them was definitely the emergence of TCOMD and other Eurasian blogs. TCOMD stands for The Circumstances of my Death. And the name of his blog is Longing for death. subtitled the diary of the suicidal son of a white father and asian mother. It gives some indication of where TCOMD was coming from. And so as the owner of this blog, I wanted to talk to him about his Eurasian despair, which I have felt all to keenly myself.

I don’t necessarily approve of everything TCOMD has to say, nor does he unconditionally agree with me on everything. In some comments he has accused me of going “soft”. I never thought that I’d live to see the day in which I became the “moderates” of the Eurasian Revolution. Suddenly I’m the Girondin or Mensheviks. People have caricatured me as an extremist radical from day one, and now their bogey man has actually taken shape. As for myself, I regard myself as having always been reasonable and moderate on these issues. Back in 2011, I said clearly that I didn’t think my parents were bad people as individuals and that I had nothing against race-mixing in principle. I merely pointed out that there was a lot of ugliness behind many, many WMAF relationships and that this was extremely detrimental to the sense of self-worth in any half Asian son.

If the accusation made against TCOMD is that he too much generalizes from his uniquely bad WMAF parents to the general WMAF population, tainting those poor innocent couples, for me it is the opposite. It is my innocent parents who are being tainted by your horrid WMAF couples. I don’t believe my parents are especially bad people or stereotypical WMAFs. But I have become so disgusted at the vile ugliness of WMAF couples, that I can’t help but rage at my parents for belonging to a category I hate so much. It is in a sense unfair that my parents, have probably taken more crap about being WMAF from their own son, than any of those stereotypical WMAF couples out there, who deserve it from their sons much more.

From my reading of TCOMD his parents were the classic WMAF caricature. His Asian mom openly hated Asian men. His white dad was a
paleoconservative, hated American women was looking to Asian women to fulfill his traditional values, while being a borderline White Nationalist. His mother died due to longterm complications from a bad blood transfusion due to having to give birth to TCOMD in a c-section. The c-section was itself a WMAF issue, as WMAFs have by far the largest number of c-secs of any mixing due to incompatibility.

One of the most galling confusions between me and TCOMD, was when a European women commented saying that these were uniquely American issues, and that she would recommend that I come to Europe to meet a white girl, but obviously she doesn’t since I’m married to my Chinese wife. This was of course very outrageous to me, as I’ve never had a girlfriend, much less a wife. And I have made my views about forming my own WMAF very clear. As a Eurasian caught in the middle, I regard any relations with Asians as a WMAF on my part, and with white girls an AMWF. She told me I shouldn’t be suicidal as some Eurasian guys have never even gotten a smile from a girl, while I was married. I asked her, that now that the confusion was cleared up, whether she did advocate suicide for me, since I had never gotten so much as a smile?

r/Hapas has largely functioned as a newsfeed more than anything else. And I myself have referenced some of the articles posted there. While me and TCOMD have exhibited hot emotional intensity on our blogs, r/Hapas has methodically and dispassionately accumulated empirical evidence for Hapa misery. With the recent controversy, things have heated up at r/Hapas too. And Eurasian men for the 1st time, are speaking up and saying they “completely identify” with the views expressed at r/Hapas and TCOMD. This is a powerful message to all Eurasians out there, that you are not alone. Your thoughts are not alone. There are thousands of other Eurasian men who think exactly like you, you just haven’t found them yet.

There is a Eurasian awakening taken place. I have been meaning to do an article about one of the posts on r/Hapas, which is the 1st mainstream national newspaper to interview a Eurasian man about the type of issues discussed here. The Eurasian voice is finally being heard at least in some quarters. The largescale mass creation of Eurasian sons is at last having its necessary consequences.

I’m not TCOMD, while we have evolved towards some similar positions on specific Eurasian issues, this is a convergence of 2 opposite extremes, and we have lived very different life experiences. Nothing either of us post should be assumed to be mutually endorsed. I appreciate the work TCOMD has done in showing me and other Eurasians that we are not alone in the wilderness, and that in fact something like a Eurasian movement is slowly coalescing.

I’m driving myself insane dwelling on these Eurasian issues. Its not mentally healthy, and maybe I would be better off if I could just move on and forget who I am. Lets just accept simple facts. Eurasian men are the trash of the worst relationship. Eurasian men are garbage in human society. WMAF is standing on the neck of the Eurasian son. It is terrible to be Eurasian, and more and more Hapas are waking up to this fact. Its getting kind of repetitive since there really isn’t much more that can be said on this topic. It sucks to be Hapa male. Thats all there is to it.

So what now? It shouldn’t matter. I’ve said what had to be said about being Hapa.

Why does racism bother me so much?

I can’t believe in 2015, I still have to reinvent the wheel in answering “why is racism bad?” But in some sense we can say that race relations between whites and Asians on large numbers are only now beginning. Its a new type of racism very different from the
traditional white-black binary, large scale race-mixing does not represent the breaking down of racial barriers. Rather the creation of Eurasian children on a massive scale is the apotheosis of this unique brand of anti-Asian racism. In some ways more primal and archaic and less ideologically sophisticated than anti-Black racism. Castrate enemy men and take his women. The white man thinks he is creating an ally in his Eurasian son, since he will have more white blood and be bleached. But in my experience it has been the opposite result. Eurasian men are much more militant and enraged at white society compared to full-asian men. The Eurasian son is not a friend to his white father. Eurasians are the focal point of sexual globalization. The nexus of the ancient civilizations of East and West. We are the Bridge, but not at all in the manner our parents expected nor wanted.

Why is it that I’m ok with personal failure but not racial
stereotypes? You can’t really separate being a personal loser from being an Asian man, since there is a 100% perfect overlap between the Venn Diagram of loser traits and Asian male stereotypes. The ideal Asian male caricature is the definition of being a failure in western society. The Asian man is everything a man shouldn’t be. Even supposed positive traits like “intelligence” is not a positive in American culture. And to the extent that smarts are celebrated, it is the creative, innovative genius. And this type of intelligence Asian robots are explicitly declared not to have. By white nerds addicted to Anime, no less. Americans are supposed to admire hard work and tenacity. If Asians are naturally stupid, but pull themselves up by their bootstraps by determination, perhaps this could be a positive character trait? But no, it is just robotic grinding, anything Asian is inherently negative by definition. Everything about being Asian is bad. And this whole nexus of ideology is instantly thrown at me full-force, the instant they see my Eurasian face.

What if I was the only Asian or Eurasian man in the world? Then these would all be personal faults, and not be connected to billions of other men. Is it just that I want my failure to be my personal individual creation, my special little snowflake, and not just the statistical fate of me along with a billion other sexless drones?

How do I accept myself as a Eurasian male? My very birth and DNA has become something hateful to me. Its clear no other human beings will ever accept me, so why should I?

Eurasian men will never find their voice. They will die alone, silent, forgotten. It will be like they never existed. They will be washed away by the waves. The Hapa man has no place on this planet. If you are the son of a white dad and asian mom, you will never belong anywhere. You will wander, being hounded in every direction. It doesn’t get better. Abandon all hope. Things will never get better for the Hapa man. Hope is an illusion. You will not be the 1st Eurasian man in the history of the world to succeed. You will be a failure like every other of your kind. Don’t bother to try. You can’t turn back the wheel of history. You are nothing but a mutant abomination. The waste product of an ugly genocide.

Accept yourself for what you are. An Elephant Man. A hideous beast and ogre. A retarded freak. A monstrous mixture. This is all life has to offer the Eurasian race. It is impossible for human beings to feel any other way. If I continue to think about other human beings, these are the only thoughts which shall flood my mind. This is the permanent relationship between Hapas and the human race.

I don’t care what whites and Asians think of me. What do you think fellow Hapa men? Do I speak your truth? Look inside yourself, search your feelings, you know it to be true. All you have is faith and hope, that your future might get better. But the evidence is overwhelmingly against us. All other Eurasians have failed. Are you so delusional to believe that you will be the first of your race, in the history of the world to not fail? This is the life your parents have selfishly flung upon your heads. They do not care one iota for your happiness.

I’m glad I’m a failure. There are enough successes in the world. Why should I do credit to WMAF? Why should I be a real life Keanu Reeves, Brandon Lee, Dean Cain Tanaka, who is actually 1/2 Asian, and does not have a white mom? Keanu Reeves, Brandon Lee, Dean Cain Tanaka have all been exposed as fraudulent Eurasians, since they have full-white European mothers. Their success could only come from the love of a white mother. The Asian mother will never give her half-white son the manhood he needs. Only a Eurasian with a white mother can achieve. This is why the holy trinity of Eurasian men, Keanu, Brandon, Dean has full-white loving moms. I don’t want to be the Eurasian impossibility. The 1st successful WMAF Hapa son in the history of the world. I don’t want my picture plastered all over WMAF propaganda on what their sons can be. I prefer the truth. I prefer to be a failure. And as a failure I can speak out to my fellow Eurasians, for we have all failed in this world together. Speaking my truth, is the best achievement I could have as a Hapa. Hapas have been voiceless mumbling, growling monsters howling in the dark. Now some of those grunts have formed human words. The monster abomination can speak! I have put what it means to be Eurasian in words.

I don’t care about the human world anymore. I’m not a part of it, and never shall be. What now Eurasian man?